Acrodactyla degener, photographed by Stefan Schmidt, ZSM.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Ephialtini is a diverse (probably paraphyletic) group of ichneumon wasps associated with a range of insect and arachnid hosts.

Characters (from Gauld 1984): Small to moderately large; ovipositor usually as long as or longer than gaster; forewing with 3r-m present or absent; hind wing with first abscissa of Cu1 more than 0.6 times length of cu-a.

    |--Pimplaetus mucronis Gupta & Tikar 1976 IR05
    |--Oxyrrhexis Foerster 1869 IR05
    |    `--*O. carbonator [=Cryptus carbonator] IR05
    |--Sinarachna Townes 1960 IR05
    |    `--*S. pallipes [=Polysphicta pallipes] IR05
    |--Camptotypus IR05
    |    |--C. borneensis Gupta & Tikar 1976 IR05
    |    `--C. rugosus (De Geer 1773) (see below for synonymy) IR05
    |--Zaglyptus indicus IR05
    |    |--Z. i. indicus IR05
    |    `--Z. i. nigrithorax Gupta 1961 IR05
    |--Flavopimpla nigromaculata IR05
    |    |--F. n. nigromaculata IR05
    |    `--F. n. mangae Betrem 1932 IR05
    |--Acropimpla IR05
    |    |--A. bifida Gupta & Tikar 1976 IR05
    |    `--A. leucostoma (Cameron 1907) (see below for synonymy) IR05
    |--Zatypota Foerster 1869 IR05
    |    |--*Z. percontaria [=Ichneumon percontarius; incl. *Lycorinopsis rhombifer] IR05
    |    `--‘Glypta’ albicoxa [incl. Polysphincta eximia, *Polysphinctopsis eximia] IR05
    |--Sericopimpla IR05
    |    |--S. flavobalteata (Cameron 1902) [=Charitopimpla flavobalteata, Philopsyche flavobalteata] IR05
    |    |--S. sagrae (Vollenhoven 1879) [=Pimpla sagrae, Charitopimpla sagrae, C. (Philopsyche) sagrae] IR05
    |    `--S. shiva Gupta & Tikar 1976 IR05
    `--Acrodactyla Haliday 1838 (see below for synonymy) IR05
         |--*A. degener (Haliday 1837) (see below for synonymy) IR05
         |--A. madida IR05
         `--‘Ichneumon’ quadrisculpta [incl. *Colpomeria laevigata Holmgren 1859] IR05

Acrodactyla Haliday 1838 [=Barypus Haliday 1837 non Laporte 1834; incl. Colpomeria Holmgren 1859, Polemophthorus Schulz 1911, Symphylus Foerster 1871 non Dallas 1851] IR05

*Acrodactyla degener (Haliday 1837) [=*Barypus degener; incl. *Symphylus hadrodactylus Foerster 1871, *Polemophthorus hadrodatylus] IR05

Acropimpla leucostoma
(Cameron 1907) [=Charitopimpla leucostoma, Exeristes leucostoma; incl. Ex. pulchella Morley 1913, Epiurus taiwanensis Uchida 1928] IR05

Camptotypus rugosus (De Geer 1773) [=Ichneumon rugosus, Hemipimpla rugosa, I. vacillator Olivier 1792; incl. Pimpla bipartita Brullé 1846, Erythropimpla fruhstorferi Schulz 1906, Trichiothecus ruficeps Cameron 1903, Camptotypus ruficeps, Hemipimpla ruficeps] IR05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[IR05] Idris, A. B., & A. Rizki. 2005. Notes on the tribe Ephialtini (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) of Malaysia. Serangga 10 (1-2): 111-126.

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