Spineless piripiri Acaena inermis, photographed by Carl Farmer.

Belongs within: Roperculina.

The Sanguisorbeae is a clade within the Rosaceae supported by molecular analysis, defined by Eriksson et al. (2003) as all taxa more closely related to Sanguisorba officinalis than to Rosa cinnamomea, Potentilla reptans or Fragaria vesca. Members of the subtribe Sanguisorbinae are further distinguished by the absence of a corolla (Eriksson et al. 2003).

    |--Agrimoniinae EH03
    |    |  i. s.: Spenceria EH03
    |    |--Agrimonia EH03
    |    |    |--A. eupatoria EH03
    |    |    `--A. procera GR98
    |    `--+--Aremonia agrimonioides EH03
    |       |--Leucosidea sericea EH03
    |       `--Hagenia abyssinica EH03
    `--Sanguisorbinae EH03
         |  i. s.: Bencomia EH03
         |         Cliffortia EH03
         |         Dendriopoterium EH03
         |         Marcetella EH03
         |         Poterium EH03
         |         Sarcopoterium spinosum Linnaeus 1846 EH03, PL04
         |--Sanguisorba EH03
         |    |--*S. officinalis EH03
         |    |--S. diandra O88
         |    `--S. parviflora EH03
         `--+--Tetraglochin cristatum EH03
            |--Margyricarpus EH03
            |--Polylepis EH03
            |    |--P. hieronymi EH03
            |    `--P. tarapacana EH03
            `--Acaena EH03
                 |--A. adcendens An27
                 |--A. anserinifolia KC83
                 |--A. antarctica D03
                 |--A. cylindristachya EH03
                 |--A. echinata GK00
                 |--A. elegans D03
                 |--A. glabra Al27
                 |--A. inermis An27
                 |--A. laevigata EH03
                 |--A. leptacantha D03
                 |--A. microphylla An27
                 |--A. multifida D03
                 |--A. novae-zelandiae An27
                 |--A. ovalifolia D03
                 |--A. ovina An27
                 |--A. pearcei D03
                 |--A. pinnatifida D03
                 |--A. pumila D03
                 |--A. saccaticupula An27
                 |--A. sanguisorbae An27
                 |    |--A. s. var. sanguisorbae An27
                 |    |--A. s. var. minor An27
                 |    |--A. s. var. pilosa An27
                 |    `--A. s. var. pusilla Al27
                 `--A. splendens D03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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