Spineless piripiri Acaena inermis, photographed by Carl Farmer.

Belongs within: Roperculina.

The Sanguisorbeae is a clade within the Rosaceae supported by molecular analysis, defined by Eriksson et al. (2003) as all taxa more closely related to Sanguisorba officinalis than to Rosa cinnamomea, Potentilla reptans or Fragaria vesca. Members of the subtribe Sanguisorbinae are further distinguished by the absence of a corolla. The petalous Agrimoniinae are supported as a clade by molecular data (Eriksson et al. 2003).

    |--Agrimoniinae EH03
    |    |--Agrimonia EH03
    |    |    |--A. eupatoria EH03
    |    |    |--A. gryposepala H93
    |    |    `--A. procera GR98
    |    `--+--Aremonia agrimonioides EH03
    |       |--Leucosidea sericea EH03
    |       `--Hagenia Gmel. 1791 EH03, KC01
    |            `--H. abyssinica EH03
    `--Sanguisorbinae EH03
         |  i. s.: Bencomia EH03
         |         Cliffortia EH03
         |         Dendriopoterium EH03
         |         Marcetella EH03
         |         Poterium sanguisorba EH03, A61 [incl. Acaena huttoni Br. 1884 A61]
         |         Sarcopoterium spinosum Linnaeus 1846 EH03, PL04
         |--Sanguisorba EH03
         |    |--*S. officinalis EH03 [incl. S. officinalis ssp. microcephala H93]
         |    |--S. annua H93
         |    |--S. diandra O88
         |    |--S. minor H93
         |    |    |--S. m. ssp. minor H93
         |    |    `--S. m. ssp. muricata H93 [=Poterium muricatum C06; incl. P. polygamum H90]
         |    |--S. occidentalis H93
         |    `--S. parviflora EH03
         `--+--Tetraglochin cristatum EH03
            |--Margyricarpus EH03
            |--Polylepis EH03
            |    |--P. besseri RJ11
            |    |--P. hieronymi EH03
            |    `--P. tarapacana EH03
            `--Acaena Linnaeus 1771 EH03, A61
                 |  i. s.: A. agnipila H90
                 |         A. caesiiglauca (Bitter) Bergmans 1939 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |           |--A. c. var. caesiiglauca A61
                 |           `--A. c. var. pilosa (Kirk) Allan 1961 [=A. sanguisorbae var. pilosa Kirk 1899] A61
                 |         A. cylindristachya EH03
                 |         A. depressa Kirk 1877 (n. d.) [=A. microphylla var. depressa Kirk 1899] A61
                 |         A. echinata GK00
                 |         A. elegans D03
                 |         A. inermis Hooker 1852 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |         A. laevigata EH03
                 |         A. leptacantha D03
                 |         A. magellanica D95
                 |         A. multifida D03
                 |         A. novae-zelandiae Kirk 1871 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |         A. ovalifolia D03
                 |         A. ovina A61
                 |           |--A. o. var. ovina A61
                 |           `--A. o. var. × ambigua Kirk 1899 [A. anserinifolia × A. ovina] A61
                 |         A. pallida (Kirk) Allan 1961 [=A. novae-zelandiae var. pallida Kirk 1899] A61
                 |         A. pearcei D03
                 |         A. pinnatifida D03
                 |           |--A. p. var. pinnatifida H93
                 |           `--A. p. var. californica H93
                 |         A. pumila D03
                 |         A. splendens D03
                 |         A. viridior (Cockayne) Allan 1961 [=A. sanguisorbae var. viridior Cockayne 1916] A61
                 |--A. sect. Ancistrum A61
                 |    |  i. s.: A. emittens Macmillan 1989 M89
                 |    |         A. juvenca Macmillan 1989 M89
                 |    |--A. (subsect. Laevigatae) saccaticupula Bitter 1911 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |--A. subsect. Euancistrum A61
                 |    |    |--A. ser. Ancistridium A61
                 |    |    |    |--A. fissistipula Bitter 1911 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |    |    `--A. hirsutula Bitter 1911 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |    `--A. (ser. Sanguisorbastrum) anserinifolia (Forster & Forster) Druce 1917 A61 (see below for synonymy)
                 |    |         |--A. a. var. anserinifolia A61
                 |    |         |--A. ‘minor’ var. antarctica (Cockayne) Allan 1961 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |         |--A. a. var. minor ME70 (see below for synonymy)
                 |    |         |--A. a. var. paucidens (Bitter) Allan 1961 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |         |--A. a. var. sericeinitens (Bitter) Allan 1961 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |    |         `--A. ‘pusilla’ var. suprasericascens Bitter 1911 A61
                 |    `--A. (subsect. Subantarcticae) adscendens Vahl 1805 A61
                 |--A. sect. Microphyllae A61
                 |    |--A. buchananii Hooker 1864 [incl. A. buchananii ssp. longissimefilamentosa Bitter in Fedde 1912] A61
                 |    |    |--A. b. var. buchananii A61
                 |    |    |--A. b. var. inermis Bitter 1911 non A. inermis Hooker 1852 A61
                 |    |    `--A. b. var. picta Allan 1961 A61
                 |    `--A. microphylla Hooker 1852 (see below for synonymy) A61
                 |         |--A. m. var. microphylla A61
                 |         |--A. m. var. pallideolivacea Bitter 1911 A61
                 |         `--A. m. var. robusta Allan 1961 A61
                 `--A. (sect. Pteracaena) glabra Buchan. 1872 (see below for synonymy) A61

Acaena anserinifolia (Forster & Forster) Druce 1917 A61 [=Ancistrum anserinaefolium Forster & Forster 1776 A61; incl. An. decumbens Gaertn. 1788 A61, Acaena sanguisorbae ssp. profundeincisa var. diminuta Bitter in Fedde 1912 A61, An. diandrum Forster 1786 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae var. epilasia Bitter 1911 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae var. exsudans Bitter 1911 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae var. obtusata Bitter 1911 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae ssp. profundeincisa Bitter 1911 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae ssp. pusilla Bitter 1911 A61, Ac. pusilla (Bitter) Allan 1961 M89, A61, Ancistrum sanguisorbae Linn. f. 1781 A61, Ac. sanguisorbae Vahl 1805 A61]

Acaena anserinifolia var. minor ME70 [=A. sanguisorbae var. minor Hooker 1844 A61, A. minor (Hooker) Allan 1961 A61]

Acaena anserinifolia var. paucidens (Bitter) Allan 1961 [=A. sanguisorbae var. paucidens Bitter in Fedde 1912] A61

Acaena anserinifolia var. sericeinitens (Bitter) Allan 1961 [=A. sanguisorbae ssp. profundeincisa var. sericeinitens Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena caesiiglauca (Bitter) Bergmans 1939 [=A. sanguisorbae ssp. caesiiglauca Bitter 1911; incl. A. sanguisorbae ssp. caesiiglauca var. brevibracteata Bitter 1911 non A. fissistipula var. brevibracteata Bitter 1911, A. sanguisorbae ssp. caesiiglauca var. involucrata Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena fissistipula Bitter 1911 [incl. A. fissistipula var. brevibracteata Bitter 1911, A. fissistipula var. longibracteata Bitter 1911, A. fissistipula var. rubristigma Bitter in Fedde 1912] A61

Acaena glabra Buchan. 1872 [incl. A. glabra var. diandra Bitter 1911, A. glabra var. heteranthera Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena hirsutula Bitter 1911 [incl. A. hirsutula var. glabricupula Bitter 1911, A. hirsutula var. hirticupula Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena inermis Hooker 1852 [=A. microphylla var. inermis (Hooker) Kirk 1899; incl. A. inermis f. breviscapa Bitter 1911, A. inermis f. longiscapa Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena microphylla Hooker 1852 [incl. A. microphylla ssp. eumicrophylla Bitter 1911, A. microphylla ssp. obscurascens Bitter 1911, A. microphylla var. pauciglochidiata Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena ‘minor’ var. antarctica (Cockayne) Allan 1961 [=A. sanguisorbae var. antarctica Cockayne 1904, A. anserinifolia var. antarctica (Cockayne) Druce 1917, A. sanguisorbae ssp. antarctica (Cockayne) Bitter in Fedde 1912; incl. A. sanguisorbae var. aucklandica Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena novae-zelandiae Kirk 1871 [=A. sanguisorbae ssp. novae-zelandiae (Kirk) Bitter 1911; incl. A. macrantha Colenso 1891, A. sanguisorbae ssp. novae-zelandiae var. subtusglaucescens Bitter 1911, A. sanguisorbae ssp. novae-zelandiae var. viridissima Bitter 1911] A61

Acaena saccaticupula Bitter 1911 [incl. A. saccaticupula var. nana Bitter 1911] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 20 September 2020.

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