Ficus section Oreosycea

Ficus habrophylla, photographed by Julien Barrault.

Belongs within: Moraceae.

Ficus section Oreosycea is a group of monoecious figs found in Asia and Australasia, with a small number of species in Africa. They are pollinated by wasps of the genus Dolichoris.

<==Ficus sect. Oreosycea (Miquel) Corner 1959 [=Urostigma sect. Oreosycea Miquel 1847] URK03
    |  i. s.: F. (sect. *Oreosycea) nervosa URK03
    |         F. edelfeltii B88
    |         F. polyantha B88
    |         F. pubinervis B88
    `--F. ser. Austrocaledonicae Corner 1960 URK03
         |--F. (ser. *Austrocaledonicae) austrocaledonica Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. a. var. austrocaledonica [=F. a. var. latifolia Bureau 1872] URK03
         |    |--F. a. var. angustifolia Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. a. var. balansana (Bureau) Corner 1959 (see below for synonymy) URK03
         |    `--F. a. var. subattenuata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. asperula Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. a. var. asperula [=F. a. var. nuda Bureau 1872] URK03
         |    `--F. a. var. foliosa Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. auriculigera Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. barraui Guillaumin 1954 URK03
         |--F. campicola Moore 1921 URK03
         |--F. cataractarum Vieill. ex Bureau 1872 [=F. cataractorum (l. c.)] URK03
         |--F. comptonii Moore 1921 URK03
         |--F. crescentioides Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. cretacea Moore 1921 URK03
         |--F. dzumacensis Guillaumin 1926 URK03
         |--F. edulis Bureau 1872 [incl. F. ua Montrouz. 1860 (n. n.)] URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. edulis [=F. e. var. elliptica Bureau 1872] URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. attenuata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. cordata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. dentata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. glabrescens Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. leiocarpa Bureau 1872 [=F. leiocarpa (Bureau) Warburg 1905] URK03
         |    |--F. e. var. ovata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    `--F. e. var. variegata Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. granatum Forster 1786 URK03
         |    |--F. g. var. granatum URK03
         |    `--F. g. var. minor Corner 1960 URK03
         |--F. habrophylla Bennett ex Seem. 1868 URK03
         |--F. heteroselis Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. hurlimanii Guillaumin 1967 URK03
         |--F. leptorhachis Moore 1921 URK03
         |--F. lifouensis Corner 1970 URK03
         |--F. longipes Warburg 1905 URK03
         |--F. maialis Guillaumin 1949 URK03
         |--F. microtophora Corner 1975 URK03
         |--F. mutabilis Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. m. var. mutabilis URK03
         |    |--F. m. var. coriacea Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. m. var. membranacea Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    `--F. m. var. parvifolia Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. nitidifolia Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. oreadum Moore 1921 URK03
         |--F. otophora Corner & Guillaumin 1959 URK03
         |--F. otophoroides Corner 1975 URK03
         |--F. pallidinervis Warburg 1905 URK03
         |--F. pancheriana Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. pseudomangiferifolia Guillaumin 1943 URK03
         |--F. pteroporum Guillaumin 1967 URK03
         |--F. punctulosa Warburg 1905 URK03
         |--F. racemigera Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. rigidifolia Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. semecarpifolia Warburg 1905 URK03
         |--F. tanensis Bennett ex Seem. 1868 URK03
         |--F. trachyleia Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    |--F. t. var. trachyleia URK03
         |    |--F. t. var. chantiniana Bureau 1872 URK03
         |    `--F. t. var. heterophylla Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. versicolor Bureau 1872 URK03
         |--F. vieillardiana Bureau 1872 URK03
         `--F. webbiana (Miquel) Miquel 1867 [=Covellia webbiana Miquel 1848] URK03
              |--F. w. var. webbiana URK03
              `--F. w. var. cordata Bureau 1872 URK03

Ficus austrocaledonica var. balansana (Bureau) Corner 1959 [=F. balansana Bureau 1872, F. balasaeana (l. c.), F. austrocaledonica var. balanseana (l. c.)] URK03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[URK03] Ungricht, S., J.-Y. Rasplus & F. Kjellberg. 2003. Nomenclature of the endemic monoecious fig trees (Moraceae: Ficus L.) of New Caledonia and Vanuatu (Pacific Ocean). Taxon 52: 319-325.

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