Female Urosigalphus, photographed by Lynn Bergen.

Belongs within: Braconidae.

The Urosigalphini are a group of braconid wasps with a ventrally depressed clypeus, enlarged hind claws and a relatively long ovipositor. Species of the mostly New World genus Urosigalphus are parasitoids on beetle larvae in seeds; the hosts of the Old World Canalicephalus are unknown (Achterberg 2002).

Characters (from Achterberg 2002): Clypeus distinctly depressed ventrally; occipital carina at least laterally present and remaining separated from hypostomal carina ventrally, but sometimes connected by small side-branch; mandible not (Urosigalphus) or distinctly (Canalicephalus) twisted apically; prepectal carina up to level of ventral half of side of pronotum; propleuron with subposterior transverse carina, area in front of it concave or flat; lateral carina of mesoscutum absent in front of tegulae and lamelliformly protruding near scutellum; tegulum large compared to small humeral plate; postpectal carina present, strongly curved; hind claws enlarged, especially outer hind claw, and nearly twice as wide as middle claw; vein 2-CU of hind wing shortly developed and close to apex of vein cu-a; vein 1r-m of hind wing short; first discal cell transverse; vein r-m of fore wing absent; parastigma enlarged; vein 1-M distinctly curved; vein cu-a of fore wing far postfurcal and inclivous; vein M+CU1 of fore wing distinctly situate; carapace inserted above hind coxa but below dorsal level of propodeum, with distinct reticulate sclerite between hind coxa and base of metasoma; first tergite immovably joined to second tergite; carapace without metasomal sutures and closed apically, its ventral margin reflexed completely around apex or nearly so; upper valve of ovipositor ribbon-like, but narrow.

    |--Urosigalphus Ashmead 1889 [incl. Rhyssosigalphus Cameron 1904] A02
    |    |  i. s.: ‘*Rhyssosigalphus’ rugosus Cameron 1904 A02
    |    |--*U. (Urosigalphus) armatus Ashmead 1889 A02
    |    |--U. (Bruchiurosigalphus Gibson 1972) A02
    |    |    `--U. (*B.) bruchi Crawford 1907 A02
    |    `--U. (Neourosigalphus Gibson 1972) [incl. Microurosigalphus Gibson 1972, Paraurosigalphus Gibson 1972] A02
    |         |--U. (*N.) robustus Ashmead 1889 A02
    |         |--U. (N.) dakotaensis Gibson 1972 [=U. (*Paraurosigalphus) dakotaensis] A02
    |         `--U. (N.) femoratus Crawford 1914 [=U. (*Microurosigalphus) femoratus] A02
    `--Canalicephalus Gibson 1977 A02
         |--*C. orientalis Gibson 1977 A02
         |--C. bakeri Gibson 1977 A02
         |--C. devriesi van Achterberg 2002 A02
         |--C. fugou Chou & Hsu 1996 A02
         |--C. longus Chou & Hsu 1996 A02
         |--C. luteoscapus van Achterberg 2002 [=Urosigalphus luteoscapus] A02
         |--C. mindanao Gibson 1977 A02
         |--C. minor van Achterberg 2002 A02
         |--C. novus Gibson 1977 A02
         |--C. quickei van Achterberg 2002 A02
         |--C. rhinoides van Achterberg 2002 A02
         |--C. robustus van Achterberg 2002 A02
         |--C. rugifrons van Achterberg 2002 [=Urosigalphus rugifrons] A02
         |--C. semiglaber van Achterberg 2002 [=Urosigalphus semiglaber] A02
         `--C. taiwanensis Chou & Hsu 1996 A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A02] Achterberg, C. van. 2002. Revision of the genus Canalicephalus Gibson and the recognition of the Acampsohelconinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) as extant. Zoologische Mededelingen 76 (20): 347-370.

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