Pink bottlebrush Beaufortia schaueri, photographed by Brian Walters.

Belongs within: Myrtaceae.
Contains: Melaleuca.

The Melaleuceae is a group of trees and shrubs bearing clustered flowers and very woody capsular fruits.

Characters (from Wilson et al. 2005): Trees or shrubs; leaves mostly spiral. Inflorescence often a spike-like (an aggregation of solitary flowers or triads commonly called "bottlebrushes") or head-like clusters of flowers; stamens often fasciculate, anthers fixed or versatile, dehiscing by longitudinal slits, pores or apical slits. Ovary inferior, 3-locular; ovules anatropous or hemitropous. Fruit a very woody capsule, often with delayed dehiscence; seeds linear.

<==Melaleuceae [Beaufortiinae, Callistemoninae, Calothamnineae, Melaleucinae] WO05
    |  i. s.: Eremaea pauciflora WO05, OS04
    |         Lamarchea WO05
    |         Petraeomyrtus WO05
    |         Phymatocarpus WO05
    |         Regelia ciliata WO05, RL05
    |--Callistemon WO05
    |    |--C. phoeniceus OS04
    |    |--C. polandii WO05
    |    |--C. rugulosus KIW98
    |    `--C. salignum B88
    `--+--Melaleuca WO05
       |--Beaufortia WO05
       |    |--B. bracteosa OS04
       |    |--B. dampieri KM08
       |    |--B. elegans RL05
       |    |--B. incana OS04
       |    |--B. micrantha OS04
       |    |    |--B. m. var. micrantha OS04
       |    |    `--B. m. var. puberula OS04
       |    |--B. orbifolia WO05
       |    `--B. schaueri G04
       `--Calothamnus WO05
            |--C. lateralis GK00
            |--C. lehmannii GK00
            |--C. planifolius OS04
            |--C. preissii GK00
            |--C. quadrifidus OS04
            |--C. sanguineus RL05
            |--C. schaueri GK00
            `--C. validus WO05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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