Creeping cinquefoil Potentilla reptans, copyright Olivier Pichard.

Belongs within: Roperculina.
Contains: Horkelia, Ivesia.

Potentilla, cinquefoils, is a northern temperate genus of herbs and shrubs with usually yellow flowers (Hickman 1993).

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual to shrub; odor resinous or absent. Leaves generally basal, odd-1-pinnate to 1-palmate or 1-ternate; leaflets more or less toothed or lobed, terminal generally more or less equal to lateral. Inflorescence a cyme, generally more or less open; pedicels generally more or less straight. Flower with hypanthium more or less shallow; bractlets 5; sepals generally 5, more or less triangular; petals generally 5, generally the same size as or larger than sepals, generally more or less widely obcordate, generally yellow; stamens generally 20; pistils generally many, styles generally jointed near tip. Fruit an achene.

<==Potentilla Linnaeus 1753 A61 [incl. Duchesnea EH03]
    |--+--P. anserina EH03
    |  |    |--P. a. ssp. anserina [incl. P. anserina var. sericea] H93
    |  |    `--P. a. ssp. pacifica [incl. P. egedii var. grandis] H93
    |  `--+--P. peduncularis EH03
    |     `--P. stenophylla EH03
    `--+--P. micrantha EH03
       `--+--+--*P. reptans EH03
          |  `--P. indica [=Duchesnea indica] EH03
          `--+--P. dickinsii EH03
             |--P. fragarioides EH03
             `--+--+--P. chinensis EH03
                |  |--P. multifida EH03
                |  `--P. nivea EH03
                `--+--P. norvegica EH03 [incl. P. norvegica ssp. monspeliensis H93]
                   `--+--Horkelia EH03
                      `--Ivesia EH03

Potentilla incertae sedis:
  P. adenophylla H03
  P. anglica H93
  P. anserinoides Raoul 1844 [=P. anserina var. anserinoides (Raoul) Hooker 1852] A61
  P. argentea BT72
  P. argyrophylla O88
    |--P. a. var. argyrophylla O88
    `--P. a. var. atrosanguinea O88
  P. biennis H93
  P. biflora O88
  P. borneensis H03
  P. brassii H03
  P. caliginosa O88
  P. caulescens PS98
  P. concinna [incl. P. beanii, P. concinna var. divisa] H93
  P. coriandrifolia O88
  P. cristae H93
  P. cuneata O88
  P. diversifolia [incl. P. glaucophylla] H93
  P. drummondii H93
    |--P. d. ssp. drummondii H93
    |--P. d. ssp. breweri [incl. P. millefolia var. algida] H93
    `--P. d. ssp. bruceae H93
  P. erecta EH03
  P. eriocarpa O88
  P. exigua O88
  P. flabellifolia H93
  P. forrestii O88
    |--P. f. var. forrestii O88
    `--P. f. var. caespitosa O88
  P. frigida C55a
  P. fulgens O88
  P. glandulosa D51
    |--P. g. ssp. glandulosa [incl. P. glandulosa ssp. typica] H93
    |--P. g. ssp. ashlandica [incl. P. glandulosa var. austiniae] H93
    |--P. g. ssp. ewanii H93
    |--P. g. ssp. globosa [incl. P. rhomboidea] H93
    |--P. g. ssp. hansenii H93
    |--P. g. ssp. nevadensis H93
    |--P. g. ssp. pseudorupestris H93
    `--P. g. ssp. reflexa H93
  P. gracilis H93
    |--P. g. var. gracilis H93
    |--P. g. var. elmeri [incl. P. flabelliformis var. inyoensis, P. pectinisecta] H93
    |--P. g. var. fastigiata (see below for synonymy) H93
    |--P. g. var. flabelliformis H93
    `--P. g. var. pulcherrima H93
  P. grayi [=P. flabellifolia var. grayi] H93
  P. heptaphylla S96
  P. hickmanii H93
  P. microphylla O88
    |--P. m. var. microphylla O88
    |--P. m. var. achilleifolia O88
    `--P. m. var. commutata O88
  P. millefolia [incl. P. millefolia var. klamathensis] H93
  P. monanthes O88
  P. morefieldii H93
  P. multijuga H93
  P. newberryi H93
  P. pennsylvanica C55b [incl. P. pensylvanica var. strigosa H93]
  P. polyphylla O88
  P. pusilla S96
  P. recta W69
  P. rimicola [=P. wheeleri var. rimicola] H93
  P. rivalis [incl. P. rivalis var. millegrana] H93
  P. saundersiana O88
  P. supina VB02
  P. wheeleri H93

Potentilla gracilis var. fastigiata [incl. P. gracilis var. glabrata, P. gracilis ssp. nuttallii, P. gracilis var. permollis] H93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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