Dog weed Opercularia vaginata, from Porteous Park.

Belongs within: Rubiaceae.
Contains: Coussareeae, Morindeae, Psychotrieae, Spermacoceae, Paederieae, Coprosma.

The Rubioideae is a large clade within the plant family Rubiaceae, members of which have valvate aestivation, an indumentum of septated hairs, and contain raphides (calcium oxalate crystals) (Bremer & Manen 2000).

Characters (from Bremer & Manen 2000): Shrubs, herbs, or less commonly trees. Raphides present. Heterostylous flowers common. Stipules entire, bifid or often fimbriate. Corolla aestivation always valvate. Ovary 1-12-1ocular, most often 2-1ocular either with many or with single ovules in each locule, more rarely two or few in each locule. Fruits dry or fleshy, dehiscent or indehiscent.

<==Rubioideae (see below for synonymy)
    |  i. s.: Henriquesieae T00
    |         Lathraeocarpeae BM00
    |--Ophiorrhizeae [Ophiorrhizoideae, Pomazoteae] BM00
    |    |  i. s.: Coptophyllum [incl. Pomazota] BM00
    |    |         Spiradiclis BM00
    |    |--Neurocalyx zeylanicus BM00
    |    `--+--Xanthophytum [incl. Paedicalyx, Xanthophytopsis] BM00
    |       |    |--X. capitellatum BM00
    |       |    `--X. ferrugineum H03
    |       `--+--Lerchea bracteata BM00
    |          `--Ophiorrhiza BM00
    |               |--O. mungos BM00
    |               `--O. treutleri D07
    `--+--Urophylleae [Pauridiantheae] BM00
       |    |  i. s.: Amphidasya ambigua BM00
       |    |         Commitheca liebrachtsiana BM00
       |    |         Maschalocorymbus corymbosus BM00
       |    |--Pravinaria leucocarpa BM00
       |    `--+--Praravinia BM00
       |       |    |--P. densiflora BM00
       |       |    `--P. suberosa BM00
       |       `--+--Pauridiantha paucinervis BM00
       |          `--Urophyllum ellipticum BM00
       `--+--+--Perama [Perameae] BM00
          |  `--Lasiantheae [Dressleriopsideae] BM00
          |       |--Trichostachys BM00
          |       |--Metabolus [incl. Allaeophania] BM00
          |       `--Lasianthus pedunculatus BM00
          `--+--Coussareeae BM00
             `--+--+--Craterispermum [Craterispermeae] BM00
                |  |    `--C. brachynematum BM00
                |  `--+--Morindeae BM00
                |     `--+--Psychotrieae BM00
                |        `--+--Gaertnereae BM00
                |           |    |--Gaertnera BM00
                |           |    `--Pagamea BM00
                |           `--Schradereae BM00
                |                |--Schradera subandina BM00
                |                |--Lecananthus BM00
                |                `--Leucocodon BM00
                `--+--Danaideae BM00
                   |    |--Danais xanthorrhoea BM00
                   |    |--Schismatoclada BM00
                   |    `--Payera BM00
                   `--+--Spermacoceae BM00
                      `--+--+--Paederieae BM00
                         |  `--Argostemmateae BM00
                         |       |--Argostemma hookeri BM00
                         |       `--Mycetia malayana BM00
                         `--Anthospermeae [Durringtonieae, Opercularieae] BM00
                              |  i. s.: Carpacoce BM00
                              |         Galopina circaeoides BM00
                              |         Nenax BM00
                              |         Nertera BM00
                              |           |--N. balfouriana CA27
                              |           |--N. cunninghamii A27
                              |           |--N. depressa A27
                              |           |--N. dichondraefolia A27
                              |           `--N. granadensis BM00
                              |         Durringtonia BM00
                              |         Eleutheranthus BM00
                              |         Leptostigma [incl. Corynula] BM00
                              |         Normandia BM00
                              |         Peratanthe ekmanii BM00, J87
                              |         Pomax umbellata BM00, BR65
                              |--+--Anthospermum herbaceum BM00
                              |  `--Phyllis nobla BM00
                              `--+--Coprosma BM00
                                 `--Opercularia BM00
                                      |--O. apiciflora
                                      |--O. hispidula RL05
                                      |--O. ovata BR65
                                      |--O. rubioides
                                      |--O. scabrida BR65
                                      |--O. spermacocea KM08
                                      |--O. turpis [incl. O. varia var. rigidior] BF65
                                      |--O. vaginata BM00
                                      `--O. varia BR65

Rubioideae [Anthospermoideae, Aparinoideae, Cephaelidoideae, Coccocypseloideae, Gaertnerieae, Gaertneroideae, Hedyotidoideae, Manettioideae, Opercularioideae, Paederioideae, Pomazotoideae, Richardioideae, Spermacocceae, Spermacocoideae, Urophylloideae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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