Montinia caryophyllacea, copyright Alexey Yakovlev.

Belongs within: Lamiidae.
Contains: Convolvulaceae, Solanaceae.

The Solanales is a large clade of flowering plants, with most of its members being divided between the Convolvulaceae, the morning glories and related taxa, and the Solanaceae, including nightshades, tobacco, etc. Other members of the Solanales include the Montiniaceae, a small group of shrubs and small trees with small, waxy flowers found in southern and eastern Africa. Fruits are drupes in Kaliphora but capsules in Grevea and Montinia. These capsules are indehiscent in Grevea and loculicidally dehiscent in Montinia. Hydrolea is a genus of semi-aquatic herbs and shrubs found in tropical Asia and the Americas. Sphenoclea is a genus of erect, succulent annual herbs found in the Old World tropics.

Synapomorphies (from O-methyl flavonols present; inflorescence terminal; pollen tube usually with callose; calyx persistent in fruit.

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Solanales [Solanineae]
    |--Hydrolea [Hydroleaceae] LC02
    |    `--H. zeylanica LK14
    |--Sphenoclea T00 [Sphenocleaceae APG16]
    |    `--S. pongatium C55
    |--+--Convolvulaceae OB08
    |  `--Solanaceae OB08
    `--Montiniaceae OB08
         |--Grevea T00
         |--Kaliphora T00
         `--Montinia Thunb. 1776 KC01
              `--M. caryophyllacea OB08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 4 April 2020.

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