Coast silktassel bush Garrya elliptica, photographed by Chuck B.

Belongs within: Gentianidae.
Contains: Iodeae.

The Garryales are an assemblage of trees, shrubs and lianas placed by molecular analyses as the basalmost lineage in the Garryidae ('euasterids I').

Characters (from Kårehed 2001): Woody, with simple leaves lacking stipules, mostly with penninerved leaves without hydathodes and serrations. Stomata usually cyclocytic. Flowers generally small, predominately pentamerous, with free, usually valvate petals; stamens usually isomerous, alternipetalous, free; anthers mostly introrse; ovules mostly with one locule and two pendent ovules, only one of which matures.

    |  i. s.: Eucommia [Eucommiaceae] K01
    |--Oncotheca [Oncothecaceae] K01
    |    `--O. balansae LC02
    |--Emmotaceae K01
    |    |--+--Calatola K01
    |    |  `--Platea K01
    |    `--+--Oecopetalum K01
    |       `--+--Ottoschulzia K01
    |          `--+--Emmotum K01
    |             `--Poraqueiba K01
    |--+--Aucuba [Aucubaceae] K01
    |  |    `--A. japonica L03
    |  `--Garrya [Garryaceae] K01
    |       |  i. s.: G. fadyena L03
    |       |--G. subg. Garrya L03
    |       |    |--G. elliptica Dougl. ex Lindley 1834 L03
    |       |    `--G. veatchii L03
    |       `--G. subg. Fadyenia L03
    |            |--G. lauriifolia L03
    |            `--G. longifolia L03
    `--Icacinaceae [Icacinineae] K01
         |  i. s.: Endacanthus YY22
         |         Freeria YY22
         |         Villaresia YY22
         |--+--Apodytes dimidiata K01, K02
         |  `--Raphiostylis K01
         `--+--Pittosporopsis K01
            |--Cassinopsis ilicifolia K01
            `--+--+--Mappia K01
               |  `--Nothapodytes nimmoniana K01, SR07
               `--+--Iodeae K01
                  `--+--+--Alsodeiopsis K01
                     |  `--+--Desmostachys K01
                     |     `--Merilliodendron K01
                     `--+--+--Lavigeria K01
                        |  `--Leretia K01
                        `--+--Icacina [Icacineae] K01
                           `--+--Casimirella K01
                              `--Pleurisanthes K01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K01] Kårehed, J. 2001. Multiple origin of the tropical forest tree family Icacinaceae. American Journal of Botany 88 (12): 2259-2274.

[K02] Krüger, M. 2002. Revision of the Afrotropical Ennominae of the Drepanogynis group IV: the genus Drepanogynis Guenée (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). Transvaal Museum Monograph 13: 1-220.

[LC02] Långström, E., & M. W. Chase. 2002. Tribes of Boraginoideae (Boraginaceae) and placement of Antiphytum, Echiochilon, Ogastemma and Sericostoma: A phylogenetic analysis based on atpB plastid DNA sequence data. Plant Systematics and Evolution 234: 137-153.

[L03] Liston, A. 2003. A new interpretation of floral morphology in Garrya (Garryaceae). Taxon 52: 271-276.

[SR07] Sankar, R. V., K. Ravikumar, N. M. Ganesh Babu & D. K. Ved. 2007. Botany of Anapady MPCA, Palghat district, Kerala with special emphasis on species of conservation concern. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 49 (1-4): 165-172.

[YY22] Yampolsky, C., & H. Yampolsky. 1922. Distribution of sex forms in the phanerogamic flora. Bibliotheca Genetica 3: 1-62.

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