Mallee blue-flower Halgania cyanea, photographed by Judy.

Belongs within: Boraginaceae.

The Ehretioideae are a group of mostly tropical trees and shrubs.

Characters (from Simpson 2010): Ovary four-lobed with terminal two-branched style; fruit a drupe with two (two-seeded) or four (one-seeded) pyrenes.

    |--Saccellium lanceolatum LC02
    |--Tiquilia plicata LC02
    |--Coldenia procumbens BR65
    |--Ehretia LC02
    |    |--E. acuminata BB07
    |    |--E. cymosa LC02
    |    |--E. laevis KJ05
    |    `--E. namibiensis CV06
    |         |--E. n. ssp. namibiensis CV06
    |         `--E. n. ssp. kaokoensis CV06
    `--Halgania BR65
         |--H. andromedifolia G04
         |--H. corymbosa BR65
         |--H. cyanea Lindley 1839 [incl. H. preissiana Lehmann 1844-1845, H. strigosa Schlechtendal 1847] BR65
         |--H. glabra Black 1936 BR65
         |--H. integerrima G04
         |--H. lavandulacea BR65
         `--H. littoralis BR65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[LC02] Långström, E., & M. W. Chase. 2002. Tribes of Boraginoideae (Boraginaceae) and placement of Antiphytum, Echiochilon, Ogastemma and Sericostoma: A phylogenetic analysis based on atpB plastid DNA sequence data. Plant Systematics and Evolution 234: 137-153.

Simpson, M. G. 2010. Plant Systematics. Academic Press.

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