Bush pentas Rondeletia leucophylla, from here.

Belongs within: Rubiaceae.
Contains: Naucleeae.

The Cinchonoideae as recognised here is a clade primarily supported by molecular analyses. Members of the clade have imbricate aestivation, are mostly woody, and many contain complex indole alkaloids (Bremer et al. 1999).

<==Cinchonoideae [Antirrheoideae]
    |  i. s.: Hillia [Hillioideae] T00
    |           |--H. parasitica J87
    |           |--H. triflora BM00
    |           `--H. valeris BM00
    |         Deppea grandiflora BM00, BJ99
    |         Steenisia BM00
    |--Cinchona RB01
    |    |--C. pubescens RB01
    |    `--C. succirubra B96
    `--+--+--+--Naucleeae RB01
       |  |  `--Hymenodictyoneae RB01
       |  |       |--Paracorynanthe antakarana RB01
       |  |       `--Hymenodictyon RB01
       |  |            |--H. decaryi RB01
       |  |            |--H. flaccidum RB01
       |  |            |--H. floribundum RB01
       |  |            `--H. parvifolium RB01
       |  `--+--Strumpfia maritima BJ99
       |     |--Catesbaea [Catesbaeeae] B96
       |     |    |--C. ekmaniana J87
       |     |    `--C. spinosa BJ99
       |     `--Chiococceae B96
       |          |  i. s.: Hintonia latiflora B96
       |          |--+--Chiococca alba BJ99
       |          |  `--Erithalis fruticosa BJ99
       |          `--Exostema RB01
       |               |--E. caribaeum BJ99
       |               |--E. lineatum RB01
       |               `--E. picardae J87
       `--+--Rondeletieae B96
          |    |--Rogiera suffrutescens B96, BJ99
          |    `--Rondeletia RB01
          |         |--R. carnea J87
          |         |--R. christii [incl. R. selleana] J87
          |         |--R. domatiata J87
          |         |--R. formonia J87
          |         |--R. leucophylla RB01
          |         `--R. odorata BJ99
          `--+--Hamelieae B96
             |    |--Hoffmannia B96
             |    |    |--H. ghiesbreghtii B96
             |    |    `--H. refulgens B96
             |    `--Hamelia B96
             |         |--H. cuprea BM00
             |         |--H. papillosa BM00
             |         |--H. patens J87
             |         `--H. ventricosa J87
             `--Guettardeae B96
                  |--Antirhea B96
                  |    |--A. lucida BJ99
                  |    `--A. obtusifolia SWK87
                  `--Guettarda B96
                       |--G. ovalifolia J87
                       |--G. pungens J87
                       |--G. speciosa P88
                       |--G. torbeciana J87
                       `--G. uruquensis BJ99

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B96] Bremer, B. 1996. Combined and separate analyses of morphological and molecular data in the plant family Rubiaceae. Cladistics 12: 21-40.

[BJ99] Bremer, B., R. K. Jansen, B. Oxelman, M. Backlund, H. Lantz & K.-J. Kim. 1999. More characters or more taxa for a robust phylogeny – case study from the coffee family (Rubiaceae). Systematic Biology 48 (3): 413-435.

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