Parsonsia straminea, photographed by Tony Rodd.

Belongs within: Apocynoidina.
Contains: Asclepiadoidina.

The Euapocynoidina were defined by Sennblad & Bremer (2002) as the largest clade within Apocynaceae including Apocynum and Echites but not Malouetieae, Wrightieae or Nerieae. They are united by the possession of anthers that are adnate to the style head both by the retinacle and by the thecae (Sennblad & Bremer 2002). As well as more traditionally apocynaceous taxa, the euapocynoids include the milkwort clade Asclepiadacina, previously treated by many authors as a separate family Asclepiadaceae.

    |--Mesechiteae SB02
    |    |--Mesechites trifida SB02
    |    `--Mandevilla SB02
    |         |--M. laxa [incl. M. suaveolens] BR65
    |         `--M. sanderi SB02
    |--Apocyneae SB02
    |    |  i. s.: Chonemorpha fragrans SB02, SR07
    |    |--Aganosma marginata SB02
    |    `--+--Apocynum SB02
    |       |    |--A. cannabinum SB02
    |       |    `--A. venetum C55
    |       `--+--Beaumontia grandiflora SB02
    |          `--+--Trachelospermum jasminoides SB02
    |             `--Rhabdadenia biflora SB02
    |--+--Periploceae [Periplocaceae, Periplocoideae] SB02
    |  |    |  i. s.: Cryptostegia grandiflora PP07
    |  |    |         Utleria salicifolia SR07
    |  |    |         Hemidesmus indicus UB06
    |  |    |--Cryptolepideae SB02
    |  |    |    |--Pentopetia SB02
    |  |    |    `--Cryptolepis buchananii KJ05
    |  |    |--+--Parquetina nigrescens SB02
    |  |    |  `--Petopentia natalensis SB02
    |  |    `--+--Periploca SB02
    |  |       |    |--P. graeca SB02
    |  |       |    `--P. laevigata ES06
    |  |       `--+--Mondia ecornuta SB02
    |  |          `--Tacazzea apiculata SB02
    |  `--Echiteae SB02
    |       |  i. s.: Echites biflora SB02, C55
    |       |--+--Peltastes peltatum SB02
    |       |  `--Prestonia quinquangularis SB02
    |       `--Parsonsia SB02
    |            |--P. capsularis A27
    |            |    |--P. c. var. capsularis A27
    |            |    `--P. c. var. rosea A27
    |            |--P. curvisepala H03
    |            |--P. heterophylla SB02
    |            `--P. straminea P82
    `--Asclepiadacina [Asclepiadaceae] SB02
         |  i. s.: Finlaysonia obovata P88
         |         Cynanchum BR65
         |           |--C. acutum AGF98
         |           |--C. floribundum BR65
         |           |--C. leptocladum J87
         |           |--C. meyeri CV06
         |           `--C. vincetoxicum BR65
         |         Pentagonium Schauer 1843 FT93
         |         Rhyncharrhena linearis G04
         |         Sarcostemma BR65
         |           |--S. australe BR65
         |           `--S. viminale PP07
         |         Pentatropis BR65
         |           |--P. atropurpurea Mueller 1869 BR65
         |           |--P. kempeana Mueller 1882 [=Daemia kempeana] BR65
         |           |--P. quinquepartita Mueller 1869 BR65
         |           `--P. spiralis PP07
         |         Leptadenia PP07
         |           |--L. hastata GC05
         |           |--L. pyrotechnica PP07
         |           `--L. reticulata PP07
         |         Pergularia daemia PP07
         |         Gymnema SR07
         |           |--G. khandalense SR07
         |           `--G. sylvestre P03
         |         Holostemma annulare P03
         |--+--Baissea leonensis SB02
         |  `--Asclepiadoidina SB02
         `--Secamoneae [Secamonoideae] SB02
              |--Pervillea SB02
              `--Secamone SB02
                   |--S. afzelii SB02
                   `--S. geayi SB02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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