Austridotea annectens, copyright Paddy Ryan.

Belongs within: Valvifera.

The Mesidoteinae are a group of relatively unspecialised valviferans exhibiting a benthic lifestyle (Nicholls 1937).

Characters (from Nicholls 1937): Body flattened and ovate; eyes small; distinct coxal plates present on six of the seven free mesosomatic segments; three or four pleonites present of at least I and II are free.

    |--Mesidotea N37
    |    |--M. entomon N37
    |    |--M. sabini N37
    |    `--M. sibirica N37
    `--Austridotea Nicholls 1937 N37
         |--A. (Austridotea) N37
         |    |--A. (A.) annectens Nicholls 1937 N37
         |    `--A. (A.) benhami Nicholls 1937 N37
         `--A. (Notidotea Nicholls 1937) N37
              |--A. (N.) lacustris (Thomson 1879) [=Idotea lacustris, Pentidotea lacustris] N37
              `--A. (N.) rotundicauda (Miers 1881) [=Idotea rotundicauda] N37

*Type species of generic name indicated


[N37] Nicholls, G. E. 1937. On the freshwater Idoteidae of New Zealand (Crustacea, Isopoda). Annals and Magazine of Natural History, series 10, 19: 113–136.

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