Bumastus ioxus, copyright American Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Trilobita.
Contains: Cyclolorenzella, Lisaniidae, Onchonotellus, Leiostegiacea, Conocoryphidae, Shumardiidae, Illaenuridae, Olenacea, Phacopida, Asaphacea, Ceratopygidae, Cyclopygidae, Dikelocephalacea, Ptychoparioidea, Corynexochida.

The Ptychopariida have been recognised as a group of trilobites known from the Middle Cambrian to the Late Ordovician. However, this group is probably paraphyletic, with a number of later trilobite groups, some surviving into the Devonian, derived from within the ptychopariidans (Prothero 1998).

Characters (from Prothero 1998, for Ptychopariida sensu stricto): Glabella simple, tapering anteriorly, with straight glabellar furrows; large area in front of glabella. Usually with many thoracic segments and small pygidium.

<==Ptychopariida [Ptychopariina]
    |--+--Olenacea P98
    |  `--Phacopida P98
    `--+--Calymenina [Calymenacea] P98
       |    |  i. s.: Flexicalymene meeki P98
       |    |         Calymene FO99
       |    |           |--C. duni Etheridge & Mitchell 1917 F71
       |    |           `--C. polgari FO99
       |    `--Pharostomatinae SS84
       |--Illaenida [Illaenina] P98
       |    |--Illaenus johnstoni Etheridge 1896 F71
       |    |--Panderia J79
       |    |--Bumastus P98
       |    |    |--B. insignis P98
       |    |    `--B. ioxus EB01
       |    `--Harpillaenus FO99
       |--Asaphida [Asaphina] P98
       |    |  i. s.: Isotelus P98
       |    |           |--I. gigas P98
       |    |           `--I. parvirugosus FO99
       |    |         Anataphrus J79
       |    |         Nileidae FO99
       |    |           |--Nileus affinis FO99
       |    |           `--Symphysurus FO99
       |    |         Ogygyinus armoricanus FO99
       |    |--Asaphacea S80
       |    |--Ceratopygacea S80
       |    |    |  i. s.: Charchaqia SS84
       |    |    `--Ceratopygidae S80
       |    |--Cyclopygidae O02
       |    `--Dikelocephalacea P98
       `--+--Ptychoparioidea P98
          `--Corynexochida P98

Ptychopariida incertae sedis:
  Cyclolorenzella HLC03
  Lisaniidae HLC03
  Onchonotinidae S80
    |--Onchonotina Lu 1961 S80
    `--Onchonotus Raymond 1924 S80
  Quebecaspis S80
  Taenicephalus S80
    |--T. megalops Kobayashi 1938 S80
    `--T. polyaricus Rosova 1963 S80
  Guizhoucephalina Chien 1961 S80
    `--*G. longispina Chien 1961 S80
  Catillicephalidae [Catillicephalacea] SS84
    |--Onchonotellus SS84
    |--Pseudopetigurus Prantl & Přibyl 1950 SS84
    `--Parahystricurus Ross 1951 SS84
  Leiostegiacea S80
  Elrathia kingi P98
  Triarthrus P98
    |--T. becki H04
    `--T. eatoni M79
  Conocoryphacea SS84
    |--Conocoryphidae W77
    `--Shumardiidae SS84
  Macropyginae [Macropygidae, Remopleurididacea, Remopleurididae] SS84
    |--Macropyge Stubblefield 1927 [incl. Gladiatoria Hupé 1955, Lichapyge Callaway 1877] SS84
    |    |--*M. chermi Stubblefield 1927 SS84
    |    |--M. ambolti (Troedsson 1937) [=Haniwa ambolti] SS84
    |    |--M. brevicaudata Wolfart 1970 SS84
    |    |--M. elegansis Fedjanina in Sinyakov & Fedjanina 1962 SS84
    |    |--M. gladiator Ross 1951 [=*Gladiatoria gladiator] SS84
    |    |--M. improcera Lisogor 1977 SS84
    |    |--M. kozhuchensis (Petrunina 1973) [=Niobella kozhuchensis] SS84
    |    |--‘Lichapyge’ problematica R27
    |    |--M. sica Sdzuy 1955 SS84
    |    `--M. taurina Dean in Özgül, Metin & Dean 1972 SS84
    |--Promacropyge Lu 1965 SS84
    `--Aksapyge Lisogor 1977 SS84
  Illaenuridae SS84
  Koldinia Walcott & Resser 1924 SS84
  Wanwanaspis Kobayashi 1966 SS84
  Wanwanoglobus Kobayashi 1966 SS84
  Koldiniella Lermontova 1940 SS84
    `--K. mitella SS84
  Plethopeltidae SS84
    |--Plethopeltis arbucklensis LM05
    |--Stenopilus latus SS84, LM05
    |--Leiocoryphe transversa Rasetti 1945 SS84
    `--Plethometopus [Plethometopidae] SS84
         `--P. obtusus LM05
  Genevieviella neunia Lochman 1936 SS84
  Raashellina paula Rozova 1963 SS84
  Coosella altaica Ivshin in Khalfin 1960 SS84
  Platydiamesus depressus SS84

Nomina nuda: Macropyge composita Petrunina 1966 SS84
             Macropyge kasica Petrunina 1966 SS84
             Macropyge lanceolata Petrunina 1966 SS84
             Macropyge poletaevae Petrunina 1966 SS84
             Macropyge prisca Petrunina 1966 SS84
             Macropyge tabularis Petrunina 1966 SS84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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