Alaba phasianella, photographed by Leon Altoff.

Belongs within: Cerithiimorpha.

The Litiopidae are a family of small marine gastropods found in shallow waters on algae and sea-grasses. They are characterised by a high-spired, conical translucent shell, and a long, narrow foot with a median slit in the rear part of the underside, and several epipodial tentacles along the side.

See also: The litiopids: small sea-snails among the weeds.

<==Litiopidae [Litiopina, Litiopinae]
    |--Astrolaba Laseron 1956 PS10
    |--Diffalaba Iredale 1936 PS10
    |    |--*D. opiniosa Iredale 1936 PS10
    |    |--D. picta (Adams 1961) [=Astrolaba picta] PS10
    |    `--D. vladivostokensis (Bartsch 1929) [=Alaba vladivostokensis] PS10
    |--Litiopa Rang 1829 O27
    |    |--*L. melanostoma Rang 1829 BR17
    |    |--L. acuminata (Baudon 1856) TTE93
    |    |--L. bombyx Rang 1829 O27
    |    `--L. limnophysa H08
    `--Alaba Adams & Adams 1853 O27, H77
         |--*A. trivericosa O27
         |--A. catalinensis Bartsch 1920 O27
         |--A. flammea (Pease 1867) (see below for synonymy) H09
         |--A. incerta (Orbigny 1842) S11
         |--A. jeanettae Bartsch 1910 O27
         |--A. phasianella Angas 1867 H09
         |--A. semistriata Philippi 1849 H09
         |--A. supralirata C64
         `--A. terebralis C64

Alaba flammea (Pease 1867) [=Rissoa flammea non Sabanaea flammea Frauenfeld 1867 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)] H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 18 May 2021.

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