Dicranum scoparium, photographed by Li Zhang.

Belongs within: Dicranaceae.

Dicranum is a genus of mosses found primarily in temperate and arctic parts of the Northern Hemisphere, with a few species found on tropical mountains. The genus name comes from the Greek word dikranon, a pitchfork, and refers to the split teeth in the peristome (N. Klazenga). Species are often distinguished by characters of the leaf cross sections. The leaf nerve is contained in a section of differently formed cells with median guide-cells in species of the subgenera Eu-Dicranum and Aporodictyon but such cells are absent in members of the subgenus Arctoa (Dixon 1924).

Characters (from Smith & Smith 2004): Dioicous. Female plants usually robust, male plants minute or of similar size to female plants. Leaves erect to falcate-secund, from ovate or lanceolate basal part tapering to acuminate apex; margins usually plane, frequently dentate or denticulate above; costa ending below apex to excurrent; in section usually with one or two stereid bands; cells incrassate, porose or not, basal linear or narrowly rectangular, becoming narrowly rectangular to quadrate above, mamillose or not. Setae straight, capsules erect or inclined, straight or curved, not strumose, often more or less striate; peristome teeth reddish, divided to about halfway into two unequal segments, pitted-striolate below, papillose above; lid rostrate; calyptrae cucullate.

<==Dicranum Hedw. 1801 SK02
    |--D. sect. Aporodictyon D24
    |    |--D. asperulum [incl. D. aristatum] D24
    |    |--D. elongatum Schwägr. 1811 D24, SK02 [incl. D. sphagni SK02]
    |    |--D. flagellare D24
    |    |--D. groenlandicum D24
    |    |--D. longifolium D24
    |    |--D. montanum D24
    |    |--D. sauteri D24
    |    |--D. scottianum [incl. D. scottii, D. subnitescens] D24
    |    |--D. strictum D24
    |    `--D. uncinatum [=Thysanomitrium uncinatum; incl. Dicranum capnodes, Dicranodontium circinatum] D24
    |--D. sect. Arctoa D24
    |    |--D. falcatum [incl. D. mediellum] D24
    |    |--D. fulvellum [=Bryum fulvellum] D24
    |    `--D. schisti [=Bryum schisti; incl. D. blyttii] D24
    `--D. sect. Eu-Dicranum D24
         |--D. bergeri [incl. D. schraderi] D24
         |    |--D. b. var. bergeri D24
         |    `--D. b. var. compactum D24
         |--D. bonjeani [incl. D. interludens, D. palustre] D24
         |    |--D. b. var. bonjeani D24
         |    |--D. b. var. calcareum D24
         |    |--D. b. var. juniperifolium D24
         |    `--D. b. var. rugifolium D24
         |--D. fuscescens [incl. D. fergussoni] D24
         |    |--D. f. var. fuscescens D24
         |    |--D. f. var. congestum [incl. D. fuscescens var. flexicaule] D24
         |    `--D. f. var. falcifolium D24
         |--D. molle [incl. D. arcticum, D. hypselum] D24
         |--D. muehlenbeckii D24
         |--D. scoparium Hedw. 1801 D24, SK02
         |    |--D. s. var. scoparium SK02
         |    |--D. s. var. orthophyllum Brid. 1806 SK02
         |    |--D. s. var. paludosum D24
         |    `--D. s. var. spadiceum [incl. D. scoparium var. alpestre, D. scoparium var. turfosum] D24
         |--D. spurium D24
         `--D. undulatum D24

Dicranum incertae sedis:
  D. aciphyllum D03
  D. albicans D24
  D. australe D03
  D. billardieri D03
  D. cirrhifolium Schpr. ex Dusén 1903 D03
  D. dicranellatum Dusén 1903 D03
  D. fragilifolium D24
  D. frigidum J87
  D. harioti D03
  D. imponens D03
  D. laticostatum D03
  D. leucopterum D03
  D. macropus D03
  D. nigricaule D03
  D. ‘novae-hollandiae’ Hornsch. ex Cardot 1908 (preoc.) SK02
  D. orthocomum [=Campylopus orthocomus] D03
  D. pulvinatum SK02
    |--D. p. var. pulvinatum SK02
    `--D. p. var. arcuatipes SK02
  D. pumilum D03
  D. racovitzae D03
  D. ramulosum D03
  D. scaberrimum Dusén 1903 [=Campylopus scaberrimus ms] D03
  D. sumichrasti J87
  D. tauricum M08
  D. tonini D03
  D. viride [=Campylopus viridis] D24

Nomina nuda: Dicranum capillifolium Broth. in Dusén 1903 D03
             Dicranum chloracaulon Müll.Hal. ex Muell. 1880 SK02
             Dicranum flavifolium Müll.Hal. ex Muell. 1880 SK02
             Dicranum geheebii Müll.Hal. ex Muell. 1880 SK02
             Dicranum grandialare Dusén 1903 D03
             Dicranum limbatum Broth. ex Müll.Hal. 1901 [=Dicranoloma limbatum Watts & Whitel. 1906, Leucobryum limbatum Broth. ex Wijk, Margad. & Florsch. 1964, Leucoloma limbatum Broth. ex Watts & Whitel. 1902] SK02
             Dicranum pallidum Hooker & Wilson ex Hampe 1880 SK02
             Dicranum percompactum Dusén 1903 D03
             Dicranum perremotifolium Dusén 1903 D03
             Dicranum peruncinatum Dusén 1903 D03
             Dicranum sordideviride Müll.Hal. ex Geh. 1876 [=Dicranoloma sordideviride Watts & Whitel. 1906] SK02
             Dicranum subviride Mitt. 1882 SK02
             Dicranum walteri Hampe ex Mitt. 1882 [=Dicranoloma walteri Watts & Whitel. 1906] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 21 December 2017.

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