Daltonia angustifolia, from here.

Belongs within: Hookeriales.

The Hookeriaceae are a family of predominantly tropical mosses. Hookeriaceae are distinguished from other families of Hookeriales by the presence of a central strand in the stem. The circumscription of the Hookeriaceae, however, has varied between authors, with Daltonia and related genera potentially separated as the Daltoniaceae. Genera of the Hookeriaceae include Distichophyllum, characterised by dimorphic leaves with a single costa.

Characters (from Smith & Smith 2004): Stems with central strand. Pseudoparaphyllia filamentous or absent. Rhizoids unbranched. Leaves more or less complanate, often asymmetrical, often bordered; costa short and double or absent; cells large, lax, alar cells undifferentiated. Setae smooth or spinose; capsules inclined to pendulous; stomata usually superficially; lid conical; exostome teeth horizontally striate, endostome with high basal membrane, processes keeled, finely papillose, cilia sometimes present; calyptrae multistratose at middle, glabrous.

<==Hookeriaceae [Daltoniaceae]
    |--Orontobryum hookeri N02
    |--Hepaticina Müll.Hal. 1902 SK02
    |--Adelothecium bogotense J87
    |--Hemiragis aurea J87
    |--Bryobrothera Thér. 1920 SK02
    |    `--B. crenulata (Broth. & Paris) Thér. 1920 SK02
    |--Eriopus Müll.Hal. 1847 SK02
    |    `--E. cristatus (Hedw.) Brid. 1801 [=Calyptrochaeta cristata] SK02
    |--Mniadelphus Müll.Hal. 1848 SK02
    |    |--M. flaccidus D03b
    |    `--M. krausei D03b
    |--Ephemeropsis Goebel 1892 SK02
    |    |--E. tjibodensis Goebel 1892 SK02
    |    `--E. trentepohlioides (Renner) Sainsbury 1951 SK02
    |--Achrophyllum Vitt & Crosby 1972 SK02
    |    `--A. dentatum (Hooker & Wilson) Vitt & Crosby 1972 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |         |--A. d. var. dentatum M49b
    |         `--‘Pterygophyllum’ d. var. robustum M49b [=Hookeria robusta (nom. inv.) SK02]
    |--Pterygophyllum Brid. 1819 SK02
    |    |--P. anomalum D03b
    |    |--P. lucens [=Hypnum lucens] D24
    |    |--P. magellanicum D03b
    |    |--P. obscurum D03b
    |    `--P. quadrifarium M49b
    |--Daltonia Hooker & Taylor 1818 SK02
    |    |--D. angustifolia Dozy & Molk. 1844 SK02
    |    |--D. contorta Müll.Hal. 1851 SK02
    |    |--D. krauseana D03a
    |    |--D. longifolia J87
    |    `--D. splachnoides (Smith) Hooker & Taylor 1818 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Hookeria Smith 1808 SK02
    |    |--H. acutifolia Hooker & Greville 1825 SK02
    |    |--H. ancistroides D03b
    |    |--H. campbelliana [=Callicostella campbelliana] SK02
    |    |--H. jungermannioides [=Pterygophyllum jungermannioides Brid. 1819] SK02
    |    |--H. laete-virens D24
    |    `--H. lucens SK02
    |--Calyptrochaeta Desv. 1825 SK02
    |    |--C. apiculata (Hooker & Wilson) Vitt 1979 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |    |--C. brassii (Bartram) Streimann 2000 [=Eriopus brassii Bartram 1952] SK02
    |    |--C. brownii (Dixon) Bartlett 1985 [=Eriopus brownii Dixon 1927] SK02
    |    |--C. flexicollis (Mitt.) Vitt 1979 [=Eriopus flexicollis (Mitt.) Jaeger 1877] SK02
    |    |--C. otwayensis Streimann 2000 SK02
    |    `--C. rotundifolia (Nog. & Iwats.) Touw 1978 SK02
    |--Lepidopilum J87
    |    |--L. amplirete J87
    |    |--L. antillarum J87
    |    |--L. muelleri J87
    |    |--L. polytrichoides [incl. Campylotrichum acuminatum Sikora 1836] SK02
    |    |--L. robustum J87
    |    |--L. scabrisetum VH02
    |    |--L. surinamense VH02
    |    `--L. tortifolium J87
    `--Distichophyllum Dozy & Molk. 1846 SK02
         |--D. assimile Broth. 1902 [=Mniadelphus assimilis (n. n.)] SK02
         |--D. crispulum (Hooker & Wilson) Mitt. 1882 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |--D. cuspidatum (Dozy & Molk.) Dozy & Molk. 1846 SK02
         |--D. dicksoni D03b
         |--D. eremitae D03b
         |--D. kraussei (Lorentz) Mitt. 1885 SK02
         |--D. longicuspis Broth. 1893 SK02
         |--D. microcarpum (Hedw.) Mitt. 1882 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |--D. microphyllum M49a
         |--D. mittenii Bosch & Sande Lac. 1861 SK02
         |--D. molle D03b
         |--D. nigricans D03b
         |--D. patagonicum D03b
         |--D. pulchellum (Hampe) Mitt. 1882 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |    |--D. p. var. pulchellum M49b
         |    `--D. p. var. parvirete M49b
         |--D. rotundifolium (Hooker & Wilson) Müll.Hal. & Broth. 1900 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         `--D. vitianum B57

Nomen nudum: Daltonia affinis Dusén 1903 D03a
             Daltonia patagonica Dusén 1903 D03b
             Distichophyllum crispatissimum Dusén 1903 D03b
             Distichophyllum leucoloma Whitel. 1893 SK02
             Eriopus odontoloma Dusén 1903 D03b
             Pterygophyllum lamellatum Dusén 1903 D03b

Achrophyllum dentatum (Hooker & Wilson) Vitt & Crosby 1972 [=Pterygophyllum dentatum; incl. P. bryoides Broth. 1907, Hepaticina bryoides Müll.Hal. 1902, P. cyclophyllum, He. cyclophylla Müll.Hal. 1902, P. denticulatum (nom. illeg.), Hookeria denticulata (nom. illeg.), P. flaccidissimum Broth. 1907, Hepaticina flaccidissima Müll.Hal. 1902, Hookeria hepaticaefolia, Pterygophyllum hepaticaefolium, P. hookeri Jaeger 1877, Hepaticina interstitialis Müll.Hal. 1902, Hookeria nigella, Pterygophyllum nigellum, P. obscurum Mitt. 1869, Hookeria obscura (preoc.), Hepaticina pseudo-obscura (nom. inv.), Pterygophyllum trichoides Geh. ex Burges 1935 (n. n.), P. wattsii Broth. 1900, Achrophyllum wattsii (Broth.) Ramsay 1984 (comb. inv.)] SK02

Calyptrochaeta apiculata (Hooker & Wilson) Vitt 1979 [=Hookeria apiculata, Distichophyllum apiculatum, Eriopus apiculatus, Pterygophyllum apiculatum; incl. E. tasmanicus Broth. 1900, Calyptrochaeta apiculata var. tasmanica] SK02

Daltonia splachnoides (Smith) Hooker & Taylor 1818 SK02 [=Neckera splachnoides D24; incl. D. novae-zelandiae SK02, D. pusilla Hooker & Wilson 1859 SK02]

Distichophyllum crispulum (Hooker & Wilson) Mitt. 1882 [=Hookeria crispula, Mniadelphus crispulus; incl. D. baileyanum Müll.Hal. 1902, Mniadelphus baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Kindb. 1891 (n. n.), D. minutifolium Müll.Hal. 1902, D. subflexuosum Broth. ex Burges 1935 (n. n.), Mniadelphus subflexuosus Broth. & Geh. 1897 (n. n.)] SK02

Distichophyllum microcarpum (Hedw.) Mitt. 1882 [=Hypnum microcarpon, Hookeria microcarpa, Mniadelphus microcarpus, Pterygophyllum microcarpum; incl. Hookeria complanata, Distichophyllum complanatum (Hampe) Mitt. 1882, Pterygophyllum complanatum, Hookeria distichophylla (nom. inv.), P. levieri, Distichophyllum levieri (Geh.) Broth. 1907, Hookeria subrotunda Hampe 1876, D. subrotundum (Hampe) Mitt. 1882, Mniadelphus subrotundus (nom. inv.), Pterygophyllum subrotundum (Hampe) Jaeger 1877] SK02

Distichophyllum pulchellum (Hampe) Mitt. 1882 [=Mniadelphus pulchellus, Hookeria pulchella (preoc.); incl. H. amblyophylla, Distichophyllum amblyophyllum, Mniadelphus amblyophyllus, Hookeria sinuosa, Distichophyllum sinuosum, Mniadelphus sinuosus, D. subsinuosum Fleischer 1922 (n. n.), M. subsinuosus Müll.Hal. 1922 (n. n.), D. whiteleggeanum Müll.Hal. 1902, M. whiteleggeanus (nom. inv.)] SK02

Distichophyllum rotundifolium (Hooker & Wilson) Müll.Hal. & Broth. 1900 [=Mniadelphus rotundifolius; incl. M. beccarii, D. beccarii (Müll.Hal. ex Hampe & Geh.) Paris 1895, D. fissidentoides, D. obliquomucronatum, D. squarrosulum, Mniadelphus subminutifolius, D. subminutifolium (Broth. & Geh.) Fleischer 1922] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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