Venericardia imbricata, from here.

Belongs within: Pteriomorphia.

Venericardia is a Cenozoic genus of cockle-like bivalves. Members have a thick, inequilateral shell with numerous radial ribs that are evenly elevated when young but become flattened and enlarged with age. The shell is subquadrangular in shape in the type subgenus but more transversely elliptical in Megacardita.

<==Venericardia Lamarck 1801 DK10
    |--*V. (Venericardia) imbricata DK10
    `--V. (Megacardita Sacco 1899) F27b
         |--V. (M.) jouanneti F27b
         |    |--V. j. jouanneti F27b
         |    `--V. j. titan Finlay 1927 [=V. ponderosa Cossmann 1913 non Suter 1913] F27b
         `--V. (M.) ponderosa Suter 1913 F27b

Venericardia incertae sedis:
  V. acanthodes A27
  V. amabilis Deshayes 1854 H09
  V. antiquata PP64
  V. awamoaensis Harris 1879 [incl. V. pseustes Suter 1917] F27b
  V. borealis [incl. Cardita subtenta] C64
  V. capricornia Darragh & Kendrick 2010 DK10
  V. cardioides (Reeve 1843) MG-H11
  V. corbis F27a
  V. crassa C64
  V. gracilicostata Q72
  V. laticostata C64
  V. lutea (see below for synonymy) F27a
  V. marshalli Marwick 1924 F27a
  V. media H79
  V. noetlingi Finlay 1927 [=Cardita planicostata Noetling 1901 non C. planicosta Lamarck 1806] F27b
  V. purpurata (Deshayes 1854) P61 [incl. V. purpurata difficilis F27a, P61]
  V. radiata C64
  V. reinga Powell 1933 P61
  V. rosulenta (Tate 1887) MG-H11
  V. sowerbyi M54
  V. subintermedia Suter 1917 [incl. Cardium (Glans) kaiparaensis Marshall 1918] F27a
  V. urutiensis Marwick 1926 F27a
  V. ventricosa C64
  V. zelandica Potiez & Michaud 1838 F27a

Venericardia lutea [=Cardita zelandica Desh. 1854 non V. zelandica Potiez & Michaud 1838; incl. V. bollonsi Suter 1907] F27a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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