Fimbria fimbriata, from the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle.

Belongs within: Heterodonta.
Contains: Leucosphaerinae, Pegophyseminae, Myrteinae, Codakiinae, Lucininae.

The Lucinidae are a family of cockle-like bivalves most noted for their symbiotic association with chemosynthetic bacteria that live within their gill filaments. They have a fossil record extending back to the Silurian but did not diversify until during the Mesozoic. Modern species are most diverse in the tropics and occupy depth ranges from the intertidal zone until about 2500 m (Taylor et al. 2011).

<==Lucinidae [Fimbriidae, Lucinoidea, Paracyclidae]
    |--+--Leucosphaerinae TG11
    |  `--Pegophyseminae TG11
    `--+--Myrteinae TG11
       `--+--Fimbria Mühlfeld 1811 TG11, BR05 [Fimbriinae]
          |    |--*F. magna Mühlfeld 1811 TG11
          |    |--F. fimbriata (Linnaeus 1758) BW09
          |    `--F. montensis (Cossmann 1908) TG11
          `--+--+--Codakiinae TG11
             |  `--Lucininae TG11
             `--Monitilorinae TG11
                  |--Prophetilora Iredale 1930 TG11
                  |    `--‘Lucina’ simplex Reeve 1850 [=Monitilora simplex; incl. *P. arizela Iredale 1930] TG11
                  `--Monitilora Iredale 1930 TG11
                       |--*M. ramsayi (Smith 1885) [=Lucina ramsayi] TG11
                       `--M. duponti (Cossmann 1908) TG11

Lucinidae incertae sedis:
  Pseudavicula Etheridge 1892 F27
    `--*P. anomala (Moore 1870) [=Lucina anomala] F27
  Callucinella Chavan 1961 GT08
    `--C. balcombica (Cossmann 1912) [=Callucina balcombica] GT08
  Callucinopsis Chavan 1959 GT08
    `--C. calmoni (Pervinquière 1912) [=Lucina calmoni, Callucina calmoni] GT08
  Jagonia reticulata PP64
  Recurvella dolabra [=Lucina (Recurvella) dolabra] B71
  Cryptolucina kuhnpassetensis Kelly 2000 TG11
  Gigantocyclus zidensis Termier & Termier 1977 TG11
  Paracyclus TG11
    |--P. elliptica Hall 1843 SB93
    `--P. obliqua Etheridge 1917 F71
  Milthinae TG11
    |--Pseudomiltha TG11
    |--Eomiltha Cossmann 1912 TG11
    |    |--*E. contorta (Defrance 1823) [=Lucina contorta] TG11
    |    |--E. pandata [=Miltha (Eomiltha) pandata] B71
    |    `--E. voorhoevi (Deshayes 1857) TG11
    `--Miltha Adams & Adams 1857 DK10
         |  i. s.: M. hamptonensis Ludbrook 1969 TG11
         |         M. packi W96
         |         M. serricata [=Felania serricata] C64
         |--M. (Miltha) B71
         |    |--*M. (M.) childreni (Gray 1824) [=Lucina childreni] TG11
         |    `--M. (M.) xantusi (Dall 1905) B71, TG11
         |--M. (Armimiltha) disciformis B71
         `--M. (Plastomiltha) claibornensis B71
  Schaefhaeutlia TG11
  Sphaera TG11
  Sphaeriola TG11
  Haastina TG11
  Mesomiltha Chavan 1952 TG11
    |--*M. pulchra (Zittel & Goubert 1861) [=Lucina pulchra] TG11
    `--M. fallax (Forbes 1846) TG11
  Bulacanities TG11
  Superlucina megameris (Dall 1901) TG11
  Illionia TG11
    |--I. canadensis Billings 1875 SB93
    `--I. prisca (Hisinger 1837) TG11
  Phenacocyclas TG11
  Palaeolucina carbonaria Chao 1927 TG11, SB93
  Sinbadiella pygmaea Hautmann & Nützel 2005 TG11
  Mesolinga soliditesta Okutani & Hashimoto 1997 TG11
  Ezolucina TG11
  Nipponothracia TG11
  Nymphalucina TG11
  Megaxinus TG11
  Schafhaeutlia SB93
    |--S. mellingi (Hauer 1857) SB93
    `--S. ovatum (Schafhaeutl 1871) SB93
  Cryptodon C64
    |--C. ferruginosus N00
    |--C. flexuosus C64
    `--C. serricatus Carpenter 1864 C64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 October 2021.

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