Valves of Loripes lucinalis, from here.

Belongs within: Heterodonta.
Contains: Codakia, Lucina.

The Lucinidae are a family of cockle-like bivalves most noted for their symbiotic association with chemosynthetic bacteria that live within their gill filaments. They have a fossil record extending back to the Silurian, but are poorly known prior to the Cenozoic (Bretsky 1971).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): subcircular to ovate or trapezoidal in outline, shell commonly thickened, concentric sculpture tending to be irregular, strong ribs alternating with weaker ones, radial ribs (if present) stronger laterally; lunule more or less asymmetrical. Hinge with two cardinals, anterior right covered in some, lateral laminae commonly duplicate in LV; ligament marginal to inframarginal, without separated resilium; shell internally more or less punctate or grooved; anterior adductor scar with ventral extension separate from pallial line, forming moderately to strongly divergent or elongate digitation. Margin crenate or smooth.

<==Lucinidae [Lucinoidea]
    |--Loripes B71
    |    |--L. haddoni Melvill & Standon 1899 H09
    |    |--L. icterica (Reeve 1850) [=Lucina icterica] H09
    |    `--L. lucinalis [incl. L. lacteus] K92
    |--Anodontia B71
    |    |--A. (Anodontia) B71
    |    |    |--A. (A.) alba B71
    |    |    `--A. (A.) philippiana B71
    |    `--A. (Eophysema) subvexa B71
    |--Myrtea B71
    |    |  i. s.: M. desiderata (Smith 1885) [=Lucina desiderata] H09
    |    |--M. (Epilucina) californica B71
    |    `--+--M. (Myrtea) spinifera B71
    |       |--M. (Eulopia) sagrinata B71
    |       `--M. (Myrteopsis) lens B71
    |--+--Codakia B71
    |  `--Ctena B71
    |       |--C. bella (Conrad 1837) BW09
    |       |--C. mexicana [=Codakia (Ctena) mexicana] B71
    |       `--C. orbiculata [=Codakia (Ctena) orbiculata] B71
    |--Miltha Adams & Adams 1857 B71, DK10
    |    |  i. s.: M. (Plastomiltha) claibornensis B71
    |    |         M. hamptonensis DK10
    |    |--M. (Miltha) xantusi B71
    |    |--M. (Eomiltha) pandata B71
    |    `--+--M. (Armimiltha) disciformis B71
    |       `--M. (Lucinoma Dall 1901) B71, P61
    |            |--M. (*L.) filosa B71, P61 [=Lucina filosa P61]
    |            `--‘Lucinoma’ galathea Marwick 1953 [incl. L. marwicki Dell 1953] P61
    |--Divaricella B71
    |    |  i. s.: D. angulifera (von Martens 1880) [=Lucina angulifera] BD86
    |    |         D. huttoniana HS01
    |    |         D. macandreae (Adams 1870) [=Lucina macandreae] H09
    |    |--D. (Divalinga) B71
    |    |    |--D. (D.) eburnea B71
    |    |    `--D. (D.) quadrisulcata (d’Orbigny 1846) B71, BD86 [=Lucina quadrisulcata BD86]
    |    |--D. (Divalucina Iredale 1936) P61
    |    |    |--D. (*D.) cumingi [=Lucina cumingi] P61
    |    |    `--D. (D.) huttoniana Vanatta 1901 P61
    |    `--D. (Egracina) dentata B71
    `--+--+--Recurvella dolabra [=Lucina (Recurvella) dolabra] B71
       |  `--+--Lucina B71
       |     `--Phacoides B71
       |          |--P. eucosmia (Dall 1901) [=Parvilucina eucosmia] H09
       |          |--P. pectinatus (Gmelin 1791) GT08 [=Lucina (Phacoides) pectinata B71]
       |          `--P. virginiae (Viader 1951) [=Lucina (Phacoides) virginiae] L96
       `--+--Cavilinga B71
          |    |--C. lampra (Dall 1901) GT08 [=Callucina lampra GT08, Lucina (Cavilinga) lampra B71]
          |    |--C. lingualis [=Lucina (Cavilinga) lingualis] B71
          |    |--C. pomilia [=Lucina (Cavilinga) pomilia] B71
          |    `--C. trisulcata [=Lucina (Cavilinga) trisulcata] B71
          `--+--Bellucina B71
             |    |--B. amiantus [=Lucina (Bellucina) amiantus] B71
             |    `--B. louisensis (Viader 1951) [=Lucina (Bellucina) louisensis] L96
             |--Lucinisca B71
             |    |--L. nassula [=Lucina (Lucinisca) nassula] B71
             |    `--L. nuttalli [=Lucina (Lucinisca) nuttalli] B71
             |--Parvilucina B71
             |    |--P. costata [=Lucina (Parvilucina) costata] B71
             |    |--P. multilineata [=Lucina (Parvilucina) multilineata] B71
             |    `--P. tenuisculpta [=Lucina (Parvilucina) tenuisculpta] B71
             |--Pleurolucina B71
             |    |--P. amabilis [=Lucina (Pleurolucina) amabilis] B71
             |    |--P. leucocyma [=Lucina (Pleurolucina) leucocyma] B71
             |    |--P. leucocymoides (Lowe 1935) [=Lucina (Pleurolucina) leucocymoides] PP78
             |    `--P. undatoides (Hertlein & Strong 1945) [=Lucina (Pleurolucina) undatoides] PP78
             `--Callucina Dall 1901 B71, GT08
                  |--*C. keenae Chavan in Cox et al. 1971 (see below for synonymy) GT08
                  |--C. bermudensis Dall 1901 [=Lucina lenticula Reeve 1850 non Gould 1850] GT08
                  |--C. brittoni Glover & Taylor 2008 GT08
                  |--C. hoernesi (Deshayes 1857) GT08
                  |--C. linnaei Glover & Taylor 2008 GT08
                  |--C. olea (Vokes 1946) GT08
                  |--C. papyracea (Lea 1833) [=Lucina papyracea] GT08
                  |--C. ripleyana (Wade 1926) [=Lucina ripleyana] GT08
                  `--C. winckworthi (Viader 1951) [=Lucina (Phacoides) winckworthi] GT08

Lucinidae incertae sedis:
  Rasta thiophila GT08
  Cardiolucina GT08
    |--C. australopilula GT08
    `--C. crassilirata (Tate 1887) MG-H11
  Plicolucina flabellata GT08
  Lamellolucina pilbara GT08
  Pillucina australis GT08
  Pseudavicula Etheridge 1892 F27b
    `--*P. anomala (Moore 1870) [=Lucina anomala] F27b
  Callucinella Chavan 1961 GT08
    `--C. balcombica (Cossmann 1912) [=Callucina balcombica] GT08
  Callucinopsis Chavan 1959 GT08
    `--C. calmoni (Pervinquière 1912) [=Lucina calmoni, Callucina calmoni] GT08
  Pseudolucinisca Chavan 1959 GT08
    |--*P. lacteola (Tate 1897) (see below for synonymy) GT08
    |--P. michelotti (Mayer 1858) [=Lucina michelotti] GT08
    |--P. strigosa (Michelotti 1861) [=Lucina strigosa] GT08
    `--P. wami Glover & Taylor 2008 GT08
  Notomyrtea Iredale 1924 F27a
    |--N. (Notomyrtea) F27a
    |    |--*N. (N.) botanica F27a
    |    |--N. (N.) bractea (Hedley 1911) [=Myrtaea bractea] F27a
    |    `--N. (N.) papatikiensis (Marwick 1926) [=Myrtaea (Eulopia) papatikiensis] F27a
    `--N. (Pteromyrtea Finlay 1927) F27a
         |--N. (*P.) dispar [=Cyclina dispar; incl. Lucinida laevifoliata] F27a
         |--N. (P.) auriculata (Bartrum 1919) [=Chione auriculata] F27a
         |--N. (P.) laminata (Hutton 1885) [=Loripes laminata] F27a
         `--N. (P.) tirangiensis (Marwick 1926) [=Lucinida tirangiensis] F27a
  Epicodakia Iredale 1930 DK08
    |--*E. tatei (Angas 1879) DK08
    |--E. consettiana P61
    `--E. neozelanica Powell 1937 P61
  Monitilora simplex (Reeve 1850) BW09
  Fimbria Mühlfeld 1811 BW09, BR05
    `--F. fimbriata (Linnaeus 1758) BW09
  Wallucina gordoni (Smith 1886) BW09
  Gonimyrtea Marwick 1929 P61
    `--*G. concinna (Hutton 1885) P61 [=Loripes concinna P61, Notomyrtea concinna F27]

*Callucina keenae Chavan in Cox et al. 1971 [=Lucina radians Conrad 1841 non Bory de St Vincent 1824, Phacoides (*Callucina) radians] GT08

*Pseudolucinisca lacteola (Tate 1897) [=Lucina lactea Adams 1855 non Lamarck 1818, Lucina lacteola, Callucina (Pseudolucinisca) lacteola, Codakia lacteola, Loripes lacteola; incl. Lucina concentrica Adams & Angas 1865 non Lamarck 1806] GT08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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