Specimens of Lasaea rubra attached to seaweed. Photo from here.

Belongs within: Heterodonta.
Contains: Galeommatidae.

The Lasaeidae, kelly clams, are a group of small bivalves with generally thin shells. They live attached to a substrate by a byssus. Within the family, members of the genus Kellia are relatively large, up to about 15 mm in diameter, with a globose, smooth and shining shell.

<==Lasaeidae [Kelliidae]
    |--+--Galeommatidae TW07
    |  `--Kellia Turton 1822 TW07, F27
    |       |--K. antiqua Marwick 1926 F27
    |       |--K. chironii C64
    |       |--K. (Bornia) corbuloides PP64
    |       |--K. cycladia N79
    |       |--K. cycladiformis Deshayes 1850 H09
    |       |--K. jacksoniana Smith 1884 TW07
    |       |--K. japonica KBC03
    |       |--K. laperousii C64
    |       |--‘Bornia’ luticola C64
    |       |--K. physema Melvill & Standen 1899 H09
    |       |--K. rotundata Carpenter 1864 C64
    |       `--K. suborbicularis (Montagu 1804) [=Mya suborbicularis] H09
    `--Lasaea Leach 1827 TW07, P61
         |--*L. rubra (Montagu 1803) P61, R78 [=Cardium rubrum F27; incl. Poronia petitiana C64]
         |--L. adansoni [incl. L. rubra Popham 1940 non Cardium rubrum] BK77
         |--L. australis H15
         |--L. consanguinea F27
         |--L. hinemoa Finlay 1928 P61
         |--L. maoria Powell 1933 P61
         |--L. miliaris F27
         |--L. parengaensis Powell 1935 P61
         |--L. rossiana Finlay 1928 P61
         |    |--L. r. rossiana P61
         |    |--L. r. tutanekai Fleming 1948 P61
         |    `--L. r. vexata Finlay 1928 P61
         |--L. scalaris F27
         `--L. subviridis GW02

Lasaeidae incertae sedis:
  Rhectomyax undulatus (Gabb 1864) SB93
  ‘Tellina’ eburnea C64
  Cycladella papyracea C64
  Pythina rugifera Carpenter 1864 C64
  Tellimya C64
    |--T. bidentata C64
    |--T. substriata C64
    `--T. tumida Carpenter 1864 C64
  Pristes Carpenter 1864 C64
    `--*P. oblongus Carpenter 1864 C64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 October 2021.

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