Specimens of Lasaea rubra attached to seaweed. Photo from here.

Belongs within: Heterodonta.

The Lasaeidae are a family of small bivalves, the kellyclams. It appears that this family name may be synonymous with the Erycinidae.

    |--Rochefortula Finlay 1927 F27a
    |    `--*R. reniformis [=Rochefortia reniformis] F27a
    |--Montacuta F27a
    |    |--M. echinocardiophila BK77
    |    |--M. ferruginosa (Montagu 1803) [=Mya ferruginosa, Tellimya ferruginosa] BK77
    |    |--M. semiradiata BK77
    |    |--M. substriata (Montagu 1803) [=Mya substriata; incl. Erycina seminulum] BK77
    |    |--M. tenella BK77
    |    `--M. triquetra Verrill & Bush 1898 F27b
    |--Lasaea Leach 1827 F27a
    |    |--*L. rubra [=Cardium rubrum] F27a
    |    |--L. adansoni [incl. L. rubra Popham 1940 non Cardium rubrum] BK77
    |    |--L. consanguinea F27a
    |    |--L. hinemoa HS01
    |    |--L. miliaris F27a
    |    |--L. parengaensis HS01
    |    |--L. scalaris F27a
    |    `--L. subviridis GW02
    `--Mysella B02 [incl. Rochefortia Velain 1878 F27a]
         |--‘Montacuta’ acuminata Smith 1885 [=Rochefortia acuminata] H09
         |--M. bidentata (Montagu 1803) [=Mya bidentata, Montacuta bidentata] BK77
         |--M. charcoti [=Rochefortia charcoti] F27a
         |--M. donaciformis [=Rochefortia donaciformis] F27a
         |--‘Tellimya’ ephippiolum Melvill & Standen 1899 [=Rochefortia ephippiolum] H09
         |--M. larochei HS01
         |--M. macquariensis (Hedley 1916) [=Rochefortia macquariensis] F27a
         |--‘Pythina’ paula Adams 1856 [=Rochefortia paula] H09
         |--M. pedroana Dall 1889 B02
         |--M. tellinula (Odhner 1924) [=Montacuta tellinula] F27a
         `--M. unidentata (Odhner 1924) [=Montacuta unidentata] F27a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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