Live individual of Telescopium telescopium, photographed by Ria Tan.

Belongs within: Cerithioidea.

The Potamididae are a family of marine gastropods, many species of which live among mangroves.

Characters (from Strong et al., in press): Aperture of shell flaring, with anterior siphon, medial sinus on outer lip; growth determinate, periodic with numerous varices. Propodial pedal gland restricted to anterior half of sole margin. Pallial sensory structures (varying from well-developed pallial eyes to simple light-sensitive cup) at mantle edge in inhalant siphon. Ctenidial filament broad (base longer than height). Inner marginal tooth of radula with tapering distal tip. Midgut with anterior sorting area flap; style sac long, extending into pallial roof. Pallial oviduct with two sperm gutters and seminal receptacle in medial lamina. Euspermatozoa with acrosomal vesicle conical basally, flattened anteriorly; axoneme attached to nucleus and dense vesicles. Embryonic development extra-capsular but within parental body. Haploid chromosome number = 17.

<==Potamididae [Potamidinae]
    |--Tympanotonos margaritaceus (Brocchi 1814) GK02
    |--Telescopium Montfort 1810 [Telescopiidae] BR05
    |    |--*T. telescopium Linnaeus 1758 WG71
    |    `--T. fuscum F66
    |--Terebralia Swainson 1840 WG71
    |    |--T. bidentata (Defrance in Grateloup 1840) GK02
    |    |--T. semistriatus W08
    |    `--T. sulcata Bruguière 1792 WG71
    |--Cerithidea Swainson 1840 [Cerithideidae] BR05
    |    |--*C. decollata O27
    |    |--C. californica Haldeman 1840 O27 [incl. C. sacrata CG99]
    |    |--C. fuscata CG99
    |    |--C. kieneri (Hombr. & Jacq. 1853) [=Cerithium kieneri] H09
    |    `--C. largillierti (Philippi 1848) [=Cerithium largillierti] H09
    |--Potamides Brongniart 1810 BR05
    |    |--*P. (Potamides) lamarckii O27
    |    `--P. (Liocerithium Tryon 1887) O27
    |         `--P. (L.) sculptum (Sowerby 1855) [=Cerithium sculptum] O27
    `--Pirenella Gray 1847 BD86, O27
         |--P. cailliaudi (Potiez & Michaud 1838) [incl. P. conica] BD86
         `--P. cyclus (Dall 1919) [=Potamides (Pirenella) cyclus] O27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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