Drosophila busckii, photographed by Kim van de Linde.

Belongs within: Ephydroidea.
Contains: Drosophila (Drosophila), Drosophila (Sophophora).

The Drosophilidae is a family of generally small flies, often feeding on fungi as larvae. The great majority of species are currently included in the (probably non-monophyletic) genus Drosophila.

Characters (from Colless & McAlpine 1991): Antennal segment 2 cap-like. Proclinate fronto-orbital bristles generally present; postverticals more or less convergent. Costa broken beyond hm as well as Sc; Sc obsolete apically, free from R1. Mesopleural bristle absent.

    |--Scaptomyza fuscitarsus M83
    |--Titanochaeta GE05
    |--Microdrosophila quadrata M90
    |--Chymomyza amoena M90
    |--Scaptodrosophila Duda 1923 RV05, SDF04
    |    |--*S. scaptomyzoidea Duda 1923 SDF04
    |    `--S. latifasciaeformis RV05
    |--Zygothrica GE05
    |    |--Z. bilineata L88
    |    |--Z. dispar GE05
    |    `--Z. samoaensis L88
    |--+--Pseudiastata L88
    |  `--+--Mayagueza L88
    |     `--Acletoxenus L88
    |--Cladochaeta GE05
    |    |--C. albifrons GE05
    |    |--C. mexinversa GE05
    |    |--C. trauma GE05
    |    `--C. venebula GE05
    |--Paraleucophenga Hendel 1914 FS04
    |    |--*P. invicta (Walker 1857) [=Leucophenga invicta] FS04
    |    |--P. emeiensis (Sidorenko 1998) FS04
    |    |--P. javana (Okada 1988) FS04
    |    |--P. neojavanai Singh & Negi 1992 FS04
    |    |--P. semiplunata (Duda 1939) FS04
    |    |--P. shanyinensis (Chen & Toda 1994) FS04
    |    |--P. shimai (Okada 1988) FS04
    |    `--P. todai Fartyal & Singh 2004 FS04
    `--Drosophila Fallén 1823 (see below for synonymy) SDF04
         |  i. s.: D. artificialis D37
         |         D. colorata M90
         |         D. earlei D37
         |         D. grimshawi WT11
         |         D. guttifera M47
         |         D. heteroneura C96
         |         *Tanygastrella’ hypopygialis Duda 1924 SDF04
         |         D. (Phalodoris) lebanonensis CE79
         |         D. macrospina D51
         |           |--D. m. macrospina D51
         |           |--D. m. limpiensis D51
         |           `--D. m. ohioensis D51
         |         *Adrosophila’ minuta Séguy 1938 SDF04
         |         *Spuriostyloptera’ multipunctata Duda 1923 SDF04
         |         D. nasutoides LG91
         |         D. neorepleta D51
         |         D. nigrospiracula S85
         |         D. orientacea GJR97
         |         D. planitibia G91
         |         D. prosaltans D51
         |         D. quadrilineata de Meijere 1911 [=*Chaetodrosophilella quadrilineata] SDF04
         |         D. saltans LG91
         |         D. silvestris VD94
         |         D. sturtevanti D51
         |         D. subarctica CE79
         |         D. sulcata D37
         |         D. transversa D37
         |         D. uvarum B88
         |         D. vibrissina D37
         |         D. victoria JS71
         |         D. (Paradrosophila Duda 1923) SDF04
         |           `--D. (*P.) pictipennis Kertész 1901 SDF04
         |         D. (Spinulophila Duda 1923) SDF04
         |           `--D. (*S.) signata (Duda 1923) [=*Spinulophila signata] SDF04
         |--D. (Dorsilopha) busckii RV05
         `--+--D. (Drosophila) RV05
            `--D. (Sophophora) RV05

Drosophila Fallén 1823 [incl. Adrosophila Séguy 1938, Chaetodrosophilella Duda 1923, Chaetodrosophila (l. c.), Spuriostyloptera Duda 1923, Tanygastrella Duda 1924; Drosophilinae] SDF04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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