Undescribed species of Acraspisa, photographed by Shaun Winterton.

Belongs within: Therevidae.
Contains: Bonjeania, Agapophytus.

The Agapophytinae are a clade of stilletto flies endemic to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia.

Characters (from Winterton et al. 2001): Elongate patch of velutum midway along ventral surface of fore femur; longer patch of velutum on posteroventral surface of hind femur; rounded patch of velutum on posteroventral surface of gonocoxites or membrane between gonocoxites (reduced in Acraspisa); style terminal on flagellum; wing vein R1 not setose; femoral vestiture of single, erect type; anteroventrally directed seta absent from apex of hind femur; setae on abdominal sternites short, dark, longer along posterior margin of each sternite; dorsal apodeme of parameral sheath joined to base of gonocoxal apodeme; ventral apodeme forked; outer gonocoxal process present; inner gonocoxal process present, articulated with gonocoxite; setae on genitalia pale, rarely dark; anterior medial process of female tergite 8 well developed, narrow, rarely broad; female accessory glands join to bursa copulatrix separately; 3 spermathecae (one in Bonjeania); spermathecal sac present; spermathecal ducts always joined to common spermathecal sac duct, usually proximate to furca, spermathecal duct arrangement never paired or alternate; acanthophorites well developed; tergite 9 fused with tergite 10; narrow sclerotized bridge between tergite 8 and tergite 9 + 10; tergite 9 + 10 and furca joined by narrow sclerotized bridge; posterior margin of sternite 8 deeply cleft.

    |--+--Patanothrix Winterton in Winterton, Yang et al. 2001 WY01
    |  |    |--*P. skevingtoni Winterton in Winterton, Yang et al. 2001 WY01
    |  |    `--P. wilsoni (Mann 1933) [=Parapsilocephala wilsoni] WY01
    |  `--+--Acatopygia Kröber 1912 [incl. Spatulipalpa Kröber 1912] WY01
    |     |    |--*A. pulchella Kröber 1912 WY01
    |     |    |--‘Spatulipalpa’ ornata WY01
    |     |    `--A. paradoxa (Kröber 1912) [=*Spatulipalpa paradoxa] WY01
    |     `--+--Bonjeania WY01
    |        `--Parapsilocephala Kröber 1912 WY01
    |             |--*P. elegans Kröber 1912 WY01
    |             |--P. aggera Kröber 1933 WY01
    |             |--P. ambocerina Irwin in Irwin & Yeates 1995 WY01
    |             |--P. bifasciata White 1915 WY01
    |             |--P. duocoloris Mann 1933 WY01
    |             |--P. fascifrons Frey 1934 WY01
    |             `--P. frontalis Kröber 1912 [=*Oldenbergia frontalis] WY01
    `--+--Acraspisa Kröber 1912 [incl. Pseudoloxocera Kröber 1912, Stratiobelonalys Frey 1934] WY01
       |    |--*A. trifasciata Kröber 1912 WY01
       |    |--A. handschini (Frey 1934) [=*Stratiobelonalys handschini] WY01
       |    |--A. nigrinota Mann 1929 WY01
       |    |--A. obscuripes Mann 1929 WY01
       |    |--A. pallipes (Kröber 1912) [=*Pseudoloxocera pallipes] WY01
       |    |--A. parva Mann 1933 WY01
       |    `--A. similis Hardy 1939 WY01
       `--+--+--Belonalys Kröber 1912 WY01
          |  |    |--*B. obscura Kröber 1912 WY01
          |  |    `--B. occulta White 1915 WY01
          |  `--Laxotela Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          |       |--*L. whitei Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          |       |--L. gaimarii Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          |       |--L. hauseri Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          |       |--L. holstoni Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          |       `--L. metzi Winterton & Irwin 1999 WY01
          `--+--Agapophytus WY01
             `--+--Pipinnipons Winterton in Winterton, Yang et al. 2001 WY01
                |    |--*P. kroeberi Winterton in Winterton, Yang et al. 2001 WY01
                |    |--P. fascipennis (Kröber 1928) [=Squamopygia fascipennis] WY01
                |    `--P. imitans (White 1915) [=Phycus imitans, Agapophytus imitans] WY01
                `--Acupalpa Kröber 1912 WY01
                     |--*A. rostrata Kröber 1912 WY01
                     |--A. albitarsa Mann 1929 WY01
                     |--A. divisa Walker 1850 WY01
                     |--A. pollinosa Mann 1929 WY01
                     `--A. semirufa Mann 1929 WY01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[WY01] Winterton, S. L., L. Yang, B. M. Wiegmann & D. K. Yeates. 2001. Phylogenetic revision of Agapophytinae subf. n. (Diptera: Therevidae) based on molecular and morphological evidence. Systematic Entomology 26: 173-211.

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