Microstrates cocois, from Davis (2009).

Belongs within: Baridinae.

The Leptoschoinina are a group of weevils with a relatively short body. Members of the genus Microstrates are found in palm flowers. Hustache (1951) established the genus Leptoschoinella for species from South America differing from Leptoschoinus in having more closely spaced fore coxae and a more elongate body shape.

Characters (from Lacordaire 1866, as Leptoschoinides): Body short, subelliptical. Rostrum elongate, arched, compressed at at least its base. Antennae relatively long, male club very large, cylindrical, compact, velvety. Prosternum flat. Mesosternum very short, forming a continuous surface with prosternum and metasternum. Pygidium uncovered, but small and subhorizontal.

    |--Acythopeus Pascoe 1874 D09
    |--Eumycterus albosquamulatus Boheman 1838 D09
    |--Zena virgata Hustache 1938 D09
    |--Apolpones Hustache 1951 H51
    |    `--*A. rectirostris Hustache 1951 H51
    |--Megabaris Hustache 1951 H51
    |    `--*M. quadriguttata (Klug 1829) H51, D09 [=Centrinus quadriguttoctus H51]
    |--Athesapeuta D09
    |    |--A. cyperi B88
    |    `--A. vinculata Faust 1894 D09
    |--Loboderes D09
    |    |--L. citriventris Hustache 1938 D09
    |    `--L. longicollis Hustache 1951 H51
    |--Platyonyx D09
    |    |--P. circumscriptus Hustache 1951 H51
    |    |--P. interruptus Hustache 1951 H51
    |    `--P. ornatus Schoenherr 1826 D09 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Microstrates D09
    |    |--M. bipunctatus Hustache 1951 H51
    |    |--M. cocois Bondar 1941 D09
    |    |--M. rufus Hustache 1951 H51
    |    `--M. ypsilon Mshl. 1920 [=M. scutellatus Hustache 1951 (n. n.)] H51
    `--Leptoschoinella Hustache 1951 H51
         |--*L. croceosignata (Boh. 1844) [=Centrinus croceosignatus] H51
         |--L. carinirostris Hustache 1951 H51
         |--L. humeralis Hustache 1951 H51
         |--L. quadripunctata Hustache 1951 H51
         `--L. sericea Hustache 1951 H51

Platyonyx ornatus Schoenherr 1826 D09 [incl. P. ornatus var. diffusus Hustache 1951 H51, P. ornatus var. griseofasciatus Hustache 1951 H51]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[D09] Davis, S. R. 2009. Morphology of Baridinae and related groups (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). ZooKeys 10: 1-136.

[H51] Hustache, A. 1951. Nouveaux Barinae Sud-Américains. 4.ème partie: Madopterina—Lyterida—Leptoschoina—Eutoxina—Madarina—Barymerina. Boletim do Museu Nacional, nova serie, Zoologia 102: 1-78.

Lacordaire, T. 1866. Histoire Naturelle des Insectes. Genera des Coléoptères, ou exposé méthodique et critique de tous les genres proposés jusqu'ici dans cet ordre d'insectes vol. 7. Librairie encyclopédique de Roret: Paris.

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