Unidentified Villa, photographed by Robert A. Behrstock.

Belongs within: Bombyliidae.

The Villini are a group of beeflies in which the pulvilli are reduced to minute tubercles (Lambkin et al. 2003).

Characters (from Lambkin et al. 2003): Antennae with apical stylomere present, basal stylomere rarely present, circlet of hairs absent; R2+3 arising from R with distinct basal 90° bend at i-r crossvein, squama fringed with scales; pulvilli indistinct, minute setose tubercles; laterotergite and mediotergites haired.

<==Villini [Villoestrini]
    |--Lepidanthrax linguatus LYG03
    |--Exechohypopion LYG03
    `--Villa LYG03
         |--V. alternata KME08
         |--V. arenicola KME08
         |--V. atra KME08
         |--V. fulviana KME08
         |--V. fumicosta KME08
         |--V. fuscicostata LYG03
         |--V. gracilis KME08
         |--V. handfordi KME08
         |--V. hypomelas KME08
         |--V. johnsoni KME08
         |--V. lateralis KME08
         |--V. nigra KME08
         |--V. nigricauda KME08
         |--V. nigropecta KME08
         |--V. pretiosa KME08
         |--V. shawii KME08
         `--V. vestita KME08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[KME08] Kits, J. H., S. A. Marshall & N. L. Evenhuis. 2008. The bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae) of Ontario, with a key to the species of eastern Canada. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification 6: 1-52.

[LYG03]Lambkin, C. L., D. K. Yeates & D. J. Greathead. 2003. An evolutionary radiation of beeflies in semi-arid Australia: Systematics of the Exoprosopini (Diptera: Bombyliidae). Invertebrate Systematics 17: 735-891.

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