Unidentified Villa, photographed by Robert A. Behrstock.

Belongs within: Anthracinae.

The Villini are a group of beeflies in which the pulvilli are reduced to minute tubercles (Lambkin et al. 2003). Members of the genus Villa have mostly hyaline wings (with at most the front margin infuscate) and often have brightly coloured stripes across the abdomen.

Characters (from Lambkin et al. 2003): Antennae with apical stylomere present, basal stylomere rarely present, circlet of hairs absent; R2+3 arising from R with distinct basal 90° bend at i-r crossvein, squama fringed with scales; pulvilli indistinct, minute setose tubercles; laterotergite and mediotergites haired.

<==Villini [Villoestrini]
    |--Exechohypopion LYG03
    |--Cyananthrax cyanopterus GEEL09
    |--Neodiplocampta paradoxa GEEL09
    |--Paravilla separata GEEL09, KME08
    |--Dipalta GEEL09
    |    |--D. banksi KME08
    |    `--D. serpentina KME08
    |--Stonyx GEEL09
    |    |--S. clelia H81
    |    `--S. clotho GEEL09
    |--Lepidanthrax LYG03
    |    |--L. campestris H81
    |    |--L. inauratus BM76
    |    `--L. linguatus LYG03
    |--Chrysanthrax GEEL09
    |    |--C. cypris KME08
    |    |--C. dispar KME08
    |    `--C. edititius KME08
    |--Hemipenthes GEEL09
    |    |--H. catulina KME08
    |    |--H. jaennickeana BT04
    |    |--H. morio KME08
    |    |--H. sinuosa KME08
    |    `--H. webberi KME08
    |--Poecilanthrax GEEL09
    |    |--P. alycon KME08
    |    |--P. bicellata KME08 [=Exoprosopa bicellata LYG03]
    |    |--P. lucifer GEEL09
    |    |--P. nigripennis KME08
    |    |--P. tegminipennis KME08
    |    `--P. willistonii H81
    `--Villa KME08
         |--V. alternata KME08
         |--V. arenicola KME08
         |--V. atra KME08
         |--V. fulviana KME08
         |--V. fumicosta KME08
         |--V. fuscicostata LYG03
         |--V. gracilis KME08
         |--V. handfordi KME08
         |--V. hypomelas KME08
         |--V. johnsoni KME08
         |--V. lateralis KME08
         |--V. nigra KME08
         |--V. nigricauda KME08
         |--V. nigropecta KME08
         |--V. pretiosa KME08
         |--V. shawii KME08
         `--V. vestita KME08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[LYG03] Lambkin, C. L., D. K. Yeates & D. J. Greathead. 2003. An evolutionary radiation of beeflies in semi-arid Australia: systematics of the Exoprosopini (Diptera: Bombyliidae). Invertebrate Systematics 17: 735–891.

Last updated: 7 June 2018.

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