Anthrax maculatus, photographed by Michael Jefferies.

Belongs within: Anthracinae.

The Anthracini are a cosmopolitan group of beeflies, characterised by the presence of an apical circlet of hairs around the compacted, often onion-shaped antenna. They include the cosmopolitan genus Anthrax, many species of which have the wings infuscated to varying degrees.

Characters (from Lambkin et al. 2003): Antennal basal stylomere bearing apical stylomere and circlet of hairs; R2+3 arising from R with distinct basal 90° bend at i-r crossvein, squama fringed with scales; pulvilli normal, large flattened membranous structures, almost as long as tarsal claws; laterotergite and mediotergites bare.

    |--Brachyanax ater LYG03
    |--Thraxan LYG03
    |--Xenox GEEL09
    |    |--X. habrosus GEEL09
    |    |--X. nigritus GEEL09
    |    `--X. tigrinus KME08
    `--Anthrax LYG03
         |--A. albofasciatus KME08
         |--A. analis A71
         |--A. argentiforns Macquart 1849 E12
         |--A. argyropygus KME08
         |--A. blandus K01
         |--A. cathetodiathmos GEEL09
         |--A. cintalapa GEEL09
         |--A. fasciventris Macquart 1849 E12
         |--A. flavus K01
         |--A. georgicus KME08
         |--A. gideon GEEL09
         |--A. irroratus KME08
         |--A. ixion K01
         |--A. leucopyga BM76
         |--A. maculatus LYG03
         |--A. maurus K01
         |--A. midas GEEL09
         |--A. minuta Macquart 1849 E12
         |--A. morio L02
         |--A. oedipus GEEL09
         |--A. pauper KME08
         |--A. picea KME08
         |--A. pluto KME08
         |--A. quinquefasciatus K01
         |--A. sinuata R35
         |--A. stellans KME08
         `--A. varipennis Macquart 1849 E12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 11 June 2017.

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