Cambium miner Phytobia sp., copyright Rami P.

Belongs within: Schizophora.
Contains: Agromyza, Melanagromyza, Phytomyza, Cerodontha, Liriomyza.

The Agromyzidae are a group of mostly small or minute flies, the larvae of which form mines or galls in plants. As a result, some species are economically significant pests. Agromyzids are divided between the subfamilies Agromyzinae, in which the subcostal vein fuses with vein R1 before reaching the costa, and Phytomyzinae, in which the two veins reach the costa independently. The fossil record of the family is limited; however, feeding channels in wood similar to those formed by the modern genus Phytobia are known from the Upper Miocene (Spencer 1987).

Characters (from Colless & McAlpine 1991): Postvertical bristles divergent; lower fronto-orbital bristles incurved; costa not broken near hm; R1 not setulose; mesopleural bristle present; tibiae without preapical dorsal bristles; female with abdominal segment 7 enlarged, entirely sclerotised.

    |  i. s.: Ceratomyza lateralis K01
    |         Selachops G10
    |         Aulagromyza B10
    |           |--A. nitida B10
    |           `--A. orbitalis B10
    |         Xeniomyza S87
    |         Penetagromyza S87
    |         Gymnophytomyza S87
    |         Pseudoliriomyza cordiae O98
    |--Agromyzinae B10
    |    |--Agromyza B10
    |    |--Tropicomyia Spencer 1973 S87
    |    |--Hexomyza S87
    |    |--Melanagromyza B10
    |    |--Ophiomyia B10
    |    |    |--O. aberrans S87
    |    |    |--O. centrosematis O98
    |    |    |--O. labiatarum S87
    |    |    |--O. lantanae B10
    |    |    |--O. maura B10
    |    |    |--O. phaseoli B10
    |    |    `--O. solanicola B88
    |    `--Japanagromyza B10
    |         |--J. jamaicensis B10
    |         |--J. maculata [=Geratomyza maculata] B10
    |         |--J. nebulifera B10
    |         |--J. orbitalis B10
    |         |--J. phaseoli B10
    |         |--J. polygoni B10
    |         `--J. spadix [=Geratomyza spadix] B10
    `--Phytomyzinae B10
         |--Phytomyza B10
         |--Haplopeodes B10
         |--Galiomyza B10
         |--Cerodontha B10
         |--Liriomyza B10
         |--Metopomyza S87
         |--Napomyza lateralis S87, K01
         |--Paraphytomyza S87
         |    |--P. nitida S87
         |    `--P. orbitalis S87
         |--Pseudonapomyza B10
         |    |--P. asiatica B10
         |    |--P. cingulata B88
         |    `--P. lacteipennis B10
         |--Nemorimyza B10
         |    |--N. maculosa B10
         |    |--N. posticata B10
         |    `--N. ranchograndensis B10
         |--Amauromyza B10 [incl. Campanulomyza S87, Melanophytobia S87, Trilobomyza S87]
         |    |--A. abnormalis B10
         |    |--A. boliviensis B10
         |    |--A. (Trilobomyza) flavifrons S87
         |    |--A. karli S87
         |    `--A. (Catalpomyza) pleuralis S87
         |--Calycomyza B10
         |    |--C. devia B10
         |    |--C. illustris B10
         |    |--C. menthae S87
         |    |--C. meridiana B10
         |    `--C. obscura B10
         |--Phytoliriomyza B10 [incl. Lemurimyza S87, Nesomyza S87, Pteridomyza S87]
         |    |--P. conjunctimontis B10
         |    |--P. costaricensis B10
         |    |--P. cyathea Spencer 1976 M03
         |    |--P. hilarella S87
         |    |--P. leechi B10
         |    `--P. pacifica S87
         `--Phytobia B10
              |--P. coylesi S87
              |--P. guatemalensis B10
              |--P. kallima B10
              |--P. mentula B10
              |--P. pipinna B10
              |--P. rabelloi B10
              `--P. unica B10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 11 June 2018.

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