Drosophila busckii, from Wikimedia Commons.

Belongs within: Drosophilidae.
Contains: Drosophila (Drosophila), Drosophila (Sophophora).

Drosophila is a diverse, cosmopolitan genus of vinegar flies; the monophyly of the genus as generally recognised is currently under debate. Many species have become widely dispersed outside their native ranges as a result of human activity. One of these is southeast Asian native D. busckii, a small, spotted species that breeds in decaying matter (Grimaldi 2010). This species is distinguished by the presence of longitudinal stripes on the pleurae and the absence of preapical setae on the second and third tibiae.

Characters (from Grimaldi 2010): Arista plumose; facial carina large, often with flat surface; eyes pubescent; acrostichals in six or more rows; two pairs of dorsocentral setae; prescutellar setae absent; two katepisternal setae present of unequal lengths; wing tip rounded; crossveins distant.

<==Drosophila Fallén 1823 (see below for synonymy) SDF04
    |--D. (Dorsilopha) busckii RV05
    `--+--D. (Drosophila) RV05
       `--D. (Sophophora) RV05

Drosophila incertae sedis:
  D. acutilabella S00
  D. artificialis D37
  D. auraria KVV96
  D. berryi W87
  D. colorata M90
  D. earlei D37
  D. fenestrarum RD77
  D. grimshawi WT11
  D. guttifera M47
  D. heteroneura C96
  *Tanygastrella’ hypopygialis Duda 1924 SDF04
  D. macrospina D51
    |--D. m. macrospina D51
    |--D. m. limpiensis D51
    `--D. m. ohioensis D51
  D. megagenys W91
  *Adrosophila’ minuta Séguy 1938 SDF04
  *Spuriostyloptera’ multipunctata Duda 1923 SDF04
  D. nasutoides LG91
  D. neorepleta D51
  D. nigrospiracula S85
  D. notha W91
  D. onychophora G10
  D. orientacea GJR97
  D. planitibia G91
  D. prosaltans D51
  D. quadrilineata de Meijere 1911 [=*Chaetodrosophilella quadrilineata] SDF04
  D. recens S00
  D. rubida W70
  D. silvestris VD94
  D. sturtevanti D51
  D. subarctica CE79
  D. suboccidentalis S00
  D. sulcata D37
  D. transversa D37
  D. uvarum B88
  D. vibrissina D37
  D. wheeleri G84
  D. (Paradrosophila Duda 1923) SDF04
    `--D. (*P.) pictipennis Kertész 1901 SDF04
  D. (Phalodoris) lebanonensis CE79
  D. (Pholadoris) T68
    |--D. (P.) lativittata T68
    |--D. (P.) pattersoni T68
    `--D. (P.) victoria T68
  D. (Spinulophila Duda 1923) SDF04
    `--D. (*S.) signata (Duda 1923) [=*Spinulophila signata] SDF04

Drosophila Fallén 1823 [incl. Adrosophila Séguy 1938, Chaetodrosophilella Duda 1923, Chaetodrosophila (l. c.), Spuriostyloptera Duda 1923, Tanygastrella Duda 1924] SDF04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 24 April 2022.

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