Mating Agromyza, from here.

Belongs within: Agromyzidae.

Agromyza is a genus of leaf-mining flies most diverse in temperate regions of the Holarctic. Larvae of most species are leaf-miners and have been recorded from a wide range of host plants (Boucher 2010).

Characters (from Boucher 2010): Body without metallic sheen; gena usually angular, deepest at rear; usually three or more dorsocentral bristles (anterior pair sometimes weak or absent); prescutellar bristles well developed; subcostal vein developed throughout its length and joined with vein R1 before reaching costa; halter usually white (rarely black); stridulatory mechanism present on lateral margin of fused first and second abdominal tergite and on inner surface of hind femur; surstylus with numerous spines and fused with epandrium.

<==Agromyza B10
    |--A. albipennis B10
    |--A. allia Frost 1943 S69
    |--A. alunulata S87
    |--A. angulata G17
    |--A. animata B10
    |--A. carbonaria K01
    |--A. demeijerei A71
    |--A. fusca B10
    |--A. gibsoni G38
    |--A. megaepistoma B10
    |--A. parvicornis RD77
    |--A. pruni RD77
    |--A. pseudoreptans M90
    |--A. venezolana B10
    `--A. virens G38

*Type species of generic name indicated


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