Phytomyza clematadi, copyright Plant and Food Research.

Belongs within: Agromyzidae.

Phytomyza is a diverse genus of agromyzid flies including both leaf-mining species and borers in seeds and stems. Representatives include P. rufipes which is a pest on species of Brassica (Boucher 2010).

Characters (from Boucher 2010): Fronto-orbital setulae distinctly proclinate; costa extending only to vein R4+5; crossvein dm-cu usually absent; halter white.

<==Phytomyza [incl. Chromatomyia] B10
    |--P. atricornis B88
    |--P. chelonei B10
    |--P. clematadi Watt 1923 S69
    |--P. clematidicola B88
    |--P. cytisi A71
    |--P. davisii S87
    |--P. gregaria B10
    |--P. horticola RD77 [=Chromatomyia horticola B88]
    |--P. ilicicola WT11
    |--P. ilicis A71
    |--P. loewii B10
    |--P. parvicella S87
    |--P. pedicularidis B10
    |--P. plantaginis M83
    |--P. rufipes B10
    |--P. syngenesiae B10
    `--P. varipes S87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 2 July 2021.

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