Giant waterflea Leptodora kindtii, photographed by Wim van Egmond.

Belongs within: Branchiopoda.
Contains: Spinicaudata, Anomopoda.

The Diplostraca is a clade of freshwater crustaceans with the body enclosed within a bivalved carapace. The diplostracans have been divided in the past between the Cladocera (water fleas) and 'Conchostraca' (clam shrimps). However, current indications are that the clam shrimps are paraphyletic with regard to the Cladocera. The clam shrimps of the Lynceidae have a smooth carapace without growth lines, and a greatly reduced telson lacking a furca.

Synapomorphies (from Ax 2000): Median placement of compound eyes in close proximity; second antenna biramous, strongly developed with locomotory function; first thoracopod of male with hooks for copulation, movable finger differentiated from endopodite; eggs deposited in dorsal shell space between carapace and back of thorax, eggs attached onto dorsal structures of endopodite; abdomen short, legless, folded downwards; dorsal telson with pair of long setae; branches of furca differentiated into backward-directed claws.

<==Diplostraca [Cladoceromorpha, Conchostraca]
    |--Lynceus [Laevicaudata, Lyncaeidae, Lynceidae] RS10
    |    `--L. macleayanus T06
    `--+--Spinicaudata RS10
       `--Cladocera [Eucladocera] RS10
            |  i. s.: Diaphanosoma TDC06
            |           |--D. bachyurum B68
            |           `--D. unguiculatum TDC06
            |         Latonopsis brehmi TDC06
            |         Ceriodaphnia GH01
            |           |--C. cornuta R96
            |           `--C. reticulata GH01
            |         Evadne B26
            |           |--E. nordmani B26
            |           `--E. spinifera B26
            |         Bythotrephes longimanus B68
            |--Anomopoda S-FD03
            |--Ctenopoda S-FD03
            |    |--Holopedium [Holopedidae, Holopediidae] MD01
            |    `--Sida B68 [Sididae MD01]
            |         `--S. crystallina B68
            `--Gymnomera MD01
                 |--Leptodora [Haplopoda, Leptodoridae] MD01
                 |    `--L. kindtii B01
                 `--Onychopoda MD01
                      |--Cercopagididae MD01
                      |--Podonidae MD01
                      `--Polyphemus Müller 1776 BR05 [Polyphemidae MD01]

Diplostraca incertae sedis:
  Bairdestheria S02
  Eosestheria S81
    |  i. s.: E. brevis S81
    |         E. chijinpuensis S81
    |         E. crassa S81
    |         E. filaris S81
    |         E. jiufotangensis S81
    |         E. jiuquanensis S81
    |         E. middendorfii S81
    |         E. oblonga S81
    |         E. ovata S81
    |--E. (Alloestheria) striata S81
    `--E. (Yumenestheria) S81
         |--E. (Y.) delicatula S81
         `--E. (Y.) lepida S81
  Diestheria S81
    |--D. gansuensis S81
    |--D. jiayuguanensis S81
    |--D. ovalis S81
    |--D. xiagouensis S81
    |--D. yixianensis S81
    `--D. zhoulangensis S81
  Gansulimnadia S81
    |--G. ovata S81
    `--G. quadrata S81
  Pseudestherites qinghemensis S81
  Yanjiestheria S81
    |--Y. fusiformis S81
    |--Y. hanhsiaensis S81
    |--Y. minor S81
    |--Y. sinensis S81
    |--Y. venulosa S81
    `--Y. yumenensis S81
  Neodiestheria S81
    |--N. changmaensis S81
    `--N. dalaziensis S81
  Orthesteriopsis liupanshanensis S81
  Cyclestheria MD01 [Cyclestherida WZK06, Cyclestheriidae]
    `--C. hislopi MD01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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