The internal parasite Dendrogaster dichotomus, found in starfishes, from here.

Belongs within: Pancrustacea.
Contains: Thoracica.

The Thecostraca is a crustacean clade containing barnacles (Thoracica) and their close relatives. Within the clade, Ascothoracida and Rhizocephala are parasitic lineages, while Acrothoracica are sessile filter-feeders that burrow into the surface of an animal host. Hansenocaris is known only from juvenile specimens; adults are unknown but are perhaps also parasitic. Despite their divergent appearance as adults, members of the Thecostraca are united by characters of the larvae. The Acrothoracica, Rhizocephala and Thoracica are further united in a clade Cirripedia by features including modification of the antennules in the cypris larva for use in exploratory walking while seeking a settlement site, and in permanent cementation using glandular secretions. In contrast, cypris larvae of the Ascothoracida attach to their intended host by means of direct grasping with the antennules.

See also: The secret of Y-larvae; Forcing out the secret.

Synapomorphies (from Grygier 1987): Nauplii lacking post-maxillular limb buds; compound eyes with less than four crystalline cones per ommatidium; strongly developed frontal filaments associated with eyes.

    |  i. s.: Rhamphoverritor LSE13
    |--Hansenocaris [Facetotecta] G87
    |    |--H. acutifrons G87
    |    |--H. hanseni [=Proteolepas hanseni] G87
    |    |--H. pacifica G87
    |    `--H. rostrata G87
    |--Ascothoracida G87
    |    |  i. s.: Ulophysema oeresundense Brattström 1936 BK77, H75
    |    |         Waginella sandersi G87
    |    |         Parascothorax G87
    |    |         Gorgonolaureus muzikae G87
    |    |         Endosacculus Voigt 1959 H75
    |    |           `--*E. moltkiae Voigt 1959 H75
    |    |--Laurida MD01
    |    |    |--Lauridae MD01
    |    |    |--Petrarcidae MD01
    |    |    `--Synagoga Norman 1888 LS02 [Synagogidae MD01]
    |    `--Dendrogastrida MD01
    |         |--Ctenosculum Heath 1910 BR05 [Ctenosculidae MD01]
    |         |--Ascothorax BK77 [Ascothoracidae MD01]
    |         |    `--A. ophioctenis BK77
    |         `--Dendrogaster BK77 [Dendrogastridae MD01]
    |              |--D. astericola BK77
    |              |--D. dichotomus BK77
    |              |--D. dogieli BK77
    |              |--D. murmanensis [=Myriocladus murmanensis] BK77
    |              `--D. rimskykorsakowi BK77
    `--Cirripedia G87
         |  i. s.: Mitella spinosa O81
         |         Epopella plicata HS01
         |         Notobalanus vestitus HS01
         |         Notomegabalanus decorus HS01
         |         Lepadites Blumenbach 1803 TMNZ64
         |         Pentalasmis vitrea H04
         |         ‘Amalthea’ coxi Sowerby 1908 H08
         |--Thoracica LS02
         |--Acrothoracica LS02
         |    |--Trypetesa Norman 1903 H75 [Apygophora, Trypetesidae MD01]
         |    `--Pygophora MD01
         |         |--Cryptophialidae MD01
         |         `--Lithoglyptidae MD01
         `--Rhizocephala LS02
              |  i. s.: Boschmaella japonica GLT03
              |--Akentrogonida GLT03
              |    |--Clistosaccidae [Sylidae, Sylonidae] MD01
              |    |--Duplorbidae MD01
              |    |--Mycetomorphidae MD01
              |    |--Polysaccidae MD01
              |    |--Chthamalophilidae MD01
              |    `--Thompsoniidae MD01
              `--Kentrogonida GLT03
                   |  i. s.: Peltogasterella GLT03
                   |--Peltogastridae MD01
                   |--Lernaeodiscus G87 [Lernaeodiscidae MD01]
                   |    `--L. porcellanae G87
                   `--Sacculinidae GLT03
                        |--+--Loxothylacus GLT03
                        |  |    |--L. panopaei GLT03
                        |  |    `--L. texanus RS10
                        |  `--+--Heterosaccus GLT03
                        |     |    |--H. californicus GLT03
                        |     |    `--H. dollfusi GLT03
                        |     `--Sacculina GLT03
                        |          |--*S. carcini GLT03
                        |          |--S. anceps B02
                        |          `--S. pinnotherae GLT03
                        `--+--+--‘Sacculina’ sinensis GLT03
                           |  `--+--‘Sacculina’ leptodiae GLT03
                           |     `--+--‘Sacculina’ confragosa GLT03
                           |        `--‘Sacculina’ oblonga GLT03
                           `--Polyascus Glenner, Lützen & Takahashi 2003 GLT03
                                |  i. s.: ‘Sacculina’ bourdoni GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ gibba GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ imberbis GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ insueta GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ nigra GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ robusta GLT03
                                |         ‘Sacculina’ schmitti GLT03
                                |--P. gregaria [=Sacculina gregaria] GLT03
                                `--+--*P. polygenea (Lützen & Takahashi 1997) [=Sacculina polygenea] GLT03
                                   `--P. plana [=Sacculina plana] GLT03

Boring: Trypetesa caveata Tomlinson 1963 H75

*Type species of generic name indicated


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