Aggregation of Balanus crenatus, photographed by Misjel Decleer.

Belongs within: Thoracica.
Contains: Tetraclita, Pyrgomatidae.

The Balanomorpha are the clade of barnacles containing the familiar acorn barnacles. Members of the clade are characterised by a symmetrical wall formed of 1, 4, 6 or 8 plates, and with the operculum usually formed from paired terga and scuta (Ross 1971).

See also: Reference review: Barnacles among the coral.

    |--Chionelasmatidae [Chionelasmatoidea] MD01
    |--Pachylasmatidae [Pachylasmatoidea] MD01
    |--Tetraclitoidea MD01
    |    |--Bathylasmatidae MD01
    |    `--Tetraclitidae C03
    |         |--Tetraclita C03
    |         |--Elminius plicatus Gray 1843 C03
    |         `--Tesseropora rosea (Krauss 1848) HJ08
    |--Coronuloidea MD01
    |    |--Platylepas C79 [Platylepadidae MD01]
    |    |--Chelonibia C79 [Chelonibiidae MD01]
    |    |    `--C. patula C79
    |    `--Coronula W81 [Coronulidae MD01]
    |         |--C. balaenaris W81
    |         |--C. diadema W81
    |         `--C. reginae W81
    |--Chthamaloidea MD01
    |    |--Catophragmidae MD01
    |    `--Chthamalidae Y03
    |         |--Chinochthamalus Foster 1980 Y03
    |         |    `--*C. scutelliformis (Darwin 1854) [=Chamaesipho scutelliformis] Y03
    |         `--Chthamalus Y03
    |              |--C. anisopoma R96
    |              |--C. challengeri Y03
    |              |--C. dalli Y03
    |              |--C. fissus Y03
    |              |--C. fragilis RS10
    |              |--C. malayensis Y03
    |              |--C. montagui Southward 1976 C03
    |              `--C. stellatus Poli 1971 C03
    `--Balanoidea MD01
         |--Balanidae MD01
         |    |--Semibalanus GEW01
         |    |    |--S. balanoides Linnaeus 1767 C03
         |    |    `--S. cariosus KBC03
         |    |--Balanus C03
         |    |    |--B. balanoides C79
         |    |    |--B. crenatus KBC03
         |    |    |--B. eburneus BB-S88
         |    |    |--B. hameri C79
         |    |    |--B. perforatus B79
         |    |    |--B. psittacus C79
         |    |    |--B. trigonus WMJ09
         |    |    `--B. venustus M02
         |    |--Amphibalanus HJ08
         |    |    |--A. albicostatus HJ08
         |    |    |--A. amphitrite (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus amphitrite] HJ08
         |    |    |--A. improvisus (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus improvisus] HJ08
         |    |    `--A. reticulatus (Utinomi 1967) [=Balanus reticulatus] HJ08
         |    `--Megabalanus Hoek 1913 C03
         |         |--M. ajax (Darwin 1854) HJ08
         |         |--M. coccopoma (Darwin 1854) WMJ09
         |         |--M. rosa (Pilsbry 1916) HJ08
         |         |--M. tintinnabulum (Linnaeus 1758) HJ08
         |         `--M. volcano HJ08
         `--+--Pyrgomatidae A92
            `--Armatobalanus Hoek 1913 [Archaeobalanidae, Archaeobalaninae] A92
                 |--A. allium (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus allium] A92
                 |--A. arcuatus (Hoek 1913) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) arcuatus; incl. Cantellius tredecimus] A92
                 |--A. cepa (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus cepa] A92
                 |--A. circe (Kolosvary 1947) [=Balanus circe] A92
                 |--A. filigranus (Broxh 1916) [=Balanus filigranus] A92
                 |--A. funiculorum (Annandale 1906) [=Balanus funiculorum] A92
                 |--A. nefrens (Zullo 1963) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) nefrens] A92
                 |--A. oryza (Broch 1931) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) oryza] A92
                 |--A. palaoensis (Hiro 1937) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) palaoensis] A92
                 |--A. quadrivittatus (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus quadrivittatus] A92
                 |--A. quinquevittatus (Hoek 1913) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) quinquevittatus] A92
                 `--A. terebratus (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus terebratus] A92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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