Armatobalanus allium on horny coral, from Shahdadi et al. (2014).

Belongs within: Thoracica.
Contains: Tetraclita, Balanidae, Pyrgomatidae.

The Balanomorpha are the clade of barnacles containing the familiar acorn barnacles. Members of the clade are characterised by a symmetrical wall formed of 1, 4, 6 or 8 plates, and with the operculum usually formed from paired terga and scuta. At least the first two pairs of cirri are modified as mouth appendages with the third pair also being somewhat modified in Coronuloidea and more extensively modified in Balanoidea.

See also: Reference review: Barnacles among the coral.

    |--Chionelasmatidae [Chionelasmatoidea] MD01
    |    |--Chionelasmus darwini BWW93
    |    `--Eochionelasmus BWW93
    |--Pachylasma BWW93 [Pachylasmatidae, Pachylasmatoidea MD01]
    |    `--P. veteranum Buckeridge 1983 BWW93
    |--Tetraclitoidea MD01
    |    |--Bathylasma JB12 [Bathylasmatidae MD01]
    |    |    `--B. rangatira Buckeridge 1983 BWW93
    |    `--Tetraclitidae C03
    |         |--Tetraclita C03
    |         |--Tesseropora rosea (Krauss 1848) HJ08
    |         |--Eopopella eosimplex Buckeridge 1983 BWW93
    |         `--Elminius C03
    |              |--E. modestus DL77
    |              `--E. plicatus Gray 1843 C03
    |--Coronuloidea MD01
    |    |--Platylepas C79 [Platylepadidae MD01]
    |    |--Chelonibia C79 [Chelonibiidae MD01]
    |    |    |--C. patula C79
    |    |    `--C. testudinaria A99
    |    `--Coronulidae MD01
    |         |--Emersonius cybosyrinx Ross 1967 BWW93
    |         `--Coronula W81
    |              |--C. balaenaris W81
    |              |--C. diadema W81
    |              `--C. reginae W81
    |--Balanoidea MD01
    |    |--Balanidae MD01
    |    `--+--Pyrgomatidae A92
    |       `--Archaeobalanidae A92
    |            |--Solidobalanus BWW93
    |            `--Armatobalanus Hoek 1913 [Archaeobalaninae] A92
    |                 |--A. allium (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus allium] A92
    |                 |--A. arcuatus (Hoek 1913) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) arcuatus; incl. Cantellius tredecimus] A92
    |                 |--A. cepa (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus cepa] A92
    |                 |--A. circe (Kolosvary 1947) [=Balanus circe] A92
    |                 |--A. filigranus (Broxh 1916) [=Balanus filigranus] A92
    |                 |--A. funiculorum (Annandale 1906) [=Balanus funiculorum] A92
    |                 |--A. nefrens (Zullo 1963) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) nefrens] A92
    |                 |--A. oryza (Broch 1931) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) oryza] A92
    |                 |--A. palaoensis (Hiro 1937) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) palaoensis] A92
    |                 |--A. quadrivittatus (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus quadrivittatus] A92
    |                 |--A. quinquevittatus (Hoek 1913) [=Balanus (Armatobalanus) quinquevittatus] A92
    |                 `--A. terebratus (Darwin 1854) [=Balanus terebratus] A92
    `--Chthamaloidea MD01
         |--Catophragmidae MD01
         |    |--Catophragmus polymerus H04
         |    `--Pachydiadema cretaceum BWW93
         `--Chthamalidae Y03
              |--Hexelasma hirsutum JB12, PP64
              |--Chinochthamalus Foster 1980 Y03
              |    `--*C. scutelliformis (Darwin 1854) [=Chamaesipho scutelliformis] Y03
              `--Chthamalus Y03
                   |--C. anisopoma R96
                   |--C. antennatus H04
                   |--C. challengeri Y03
                   |--C. dalli Y03
                   |--C. depressus PP64
                   |--C. fissus Y03
                   |--C. fragilis RS10
                   |--C. malayensis Y03
                   |--C. montagui Southward 1976 C03
                   `--C. stellatus Poli 1971 C03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 7 March 2022.

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