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The Devonian Devonochonetes coronatus, from here.

Belongs within: Rhynchonelliformea.

The Productida are a group of brachiopods known from the Devonian to the Permian (possibly earliest Triassic).

Characters (from Brunton et al. 1995): Concavo-convex to planoconvex or conical corpus profile, commonly with trail; spines on ventral valve or both, rarely reduced to hinge regions or absent; dental plates absent; cardinal process bilobate, commonly protruding, with varied recessed myophores; brachial markings commonly present; mantle canals rarely marked; shell substance with crested or sheet laminae and pseudopunctate with taleolae.

<==Productida [Productidina]
    |  i. s.: Linoproductus P98
    |           |--L. angustus P98
    |           |--L. cancriniformis [incl. Productus bellus Etheridge 1918] F71
    |           |--L. cora [incl. Productus tenuistriata var. foordi, L. cora var. foordi] F71
    |           `--L. lyoni Prendergast 1943 [=L. cancriniformis var. lyoni] F71
    |         Marginifera P98
    |           |--M. gobiensis DX84
    |           |--M. gratiodentalis [incl. Dictyoclostus gratiosus] F71
    |           |--M. leptorugosa Duan & Li in Ding, Xia et al. 1984 DX84
    |           |--M. typica [incl. M. typica var. septentrionalis] DX84
    |           `--M. viseaniana ZP86
    |         Juresiana P98
    |         Dictyoclostus (Antiquatonia) P98, F71
    |           |--D. (A.) callytharrensis F71
    |           `--D. (A.) magnus Coleman 1957 F71
    |         Waagenoconcha P98
    |           |--W. delicatula [incl. Productus pustulosus] F71
    |           |--W. humboldti DX84
    |           |--W. permocarbonica DX84
    |           `--W. sinuata DX84
    `--Chonetoidea RG04
         |--Arcuaminetes Bizzarro 1995 [Anopliidae, Caenanopliidae] RG04
         |    |--*A. scitula (Hall 1857) [=Chonetes scitula] RG04
         |    `--A. deynouxi Racheboeuf, Gourvennec et al. 2004 RG04
         `--Chonetidae RG04
              |  i. s.: Sinochonetes Wang, Boucot & Rong 1981 M03
              |           |--*S. minutisulcatus Hou & Xian 1975 M03
              |           `--S. wangi Racheboeuf 1987 M03
              `--Devonochonetinae RG04
                   |--Longispina Cooper 1942 RG04
                   |    |--*L. emmetensis (Winchell 1866) [=Chonetes emmetensis] RG04
                   |    `--L. mucronata RG04
                   `--Devonochonetes Muir-Wood 1962 RG04
                        |--*D. coronatus (Hall 1857) [=Chonetes coronatus] RG04
                        |--D. postremus Mergl & Massa 1992 RG04
                        `--D. salemi Mergl & Massa 1992 RG04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Brunton, C. H. C., S. S. Lazarev & R. E. Grant. 1995. A review and new classification of the brachiopod order Productida. Palaeontology 38 (4): 915-936.

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