Delepinea, from here.

Belongs within: Rhynchonelliformea.
Contains: Productacea, Strophalosiacea, Chonetidae, Anopliidae.

The Productida are a group of brachiopods known from the Devonian to the Permian (possibly earliest Triassic). The pedicle was commonly absent (it is present only in some Chonetidina), and many productidans would have lived unattached to the substrate. In members of the suborder Productidina, the pedicle valve, and commonly the brachial valve, was provided with open tubular spines. Members of the Chonetidina commonly, though not always, had a spine row developed along the margin of the pedicle-valve interarea (Muir-Wood & Williams 1965).

Characters (from Brunton et al. 1995): Concavo-convex to planoconvex or conical corpus profile, commonly with trail; spines on ventral valve or both, rarely reduced to hinge regions or absent; dental plates absent; cardinal process bilobate, commonly protruding, with varied recessed myophores; brachial markings commonly present; mantle canals rarely marked; shell substance with crested or sheet laminae and pseudopunctate with taleolae.

    |  i. s.: Juresiana P98
    |--Productidina M-WW65
    |    |--Productacea M-WW65
    |    `--Strophalosiacea M-WW65
    `--Chonetidina M-WW65
         |  i. s.: Reticulatochonetes Bublichenko 1956 M-WW65
         |           `--*R. lautus Bublichenko 1956 M-WW65
         |--Cadomella Oehlert in Fischer 1887 [Cadomellace, Cadomellidae, Cadomellinae] M-WW65
         |    |--*C. moorei (Davidson 1850) [=Leptaena moorei] M-WW65
         |    `--C. davidsoni M-WW65
         `--Chonetoidea [Chonetacea] RG04
              |--Chonetidae RG04
              |--Anopliidae RG04
              |--Eodevonaria Breger 1906 [Eodevonariidae] M-WW65
              |    `--*E. arcuatus (Hall 1857) [=Chonetes arcuatus] M-WW65
              |--Chonostrophiidae M-WW65
              |    |--Chonostrophiella Boucot & Amsden 1964 M65
              |    |    `--*C. complanata (Hall 1857) [=Chonetes complanata] M65
              |    |--Tulcumbella Campbell 1963 M65
              |    |    `--*T. microstriata Campbell 1963 M65
              |    `--Chonostrophia Hall & Clarke 1892 M-WW65
              |         |--*C. reversa (Whitfield 1882) [=Chonetes reversa] M-WW65
              |         `--C. complanata M-WW65
              `--Daviesellidae M-WW65
                   |--Daviesella Waagen 1884 [Daviesellinae] M-WW65
                   |    `--*D. llangollensis (Davidson 1863) [=Productus llangollensis] M-WW65
                   |--Airtonia Cope 1934 [Airtoniinae] M-WW65
                   |    `--*A. hudsoni Cope 1934 M-WW65
                   `--Delepineinae M-WW65
                        |--Megachonetes Sokolskaya 1950 M-WW65
                        |    |--M. siblyi (Thomas 1919) (see below for synonymy) M-WW65
                        |    `--M. zimmermanni ZP86
                        `--Delepinea Muir-Wood 1962 M-WW65
                             |--*D. comoides (Sowerby 1822) [=Productus comoides] M-WW65
                             |--D. aspinosa (Dun 1902) [=Chonetes aspinosa] F71
                             |--D. carinata M-WW65
                             `--D. destinezi M-WW65

Megachonetes siblyi (Thomas 1919) [=Chonetes siblyi; incl. C. compressa Sibly 1908 non Waagen 1884, *Megachonetes compressa] M-WW65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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