Spiny marsh snail Thiara amarula, copyright Joop Trausel and Frans Slieker.

Belongs within: Cerithiimorpha.

The Thiaridae are a cosmopolitan family of freshwater caenogastropods. In the past, pretty much all lake-dwelling cerithioids have been treated as Thiaridae (or as Melaniidae, an older but invalid name for the same family) but this larger Thiaridae is now regarded as polyphyletic. Similarly, many unrelated freshwater gastropods with high-spired shells have historically been included in the genus Melania, an objective junior synonym of the genus Thiara.

<==Thiaridae [Melaniidae]
    |--Stomatopsis Stache 1871 BR05 [Stomatopsidae, Stomatopsinae BR17]
    |    `--*S. cosinensis Stache 1871 BR17
    `--Thiarinae BR17
         |--Melanoides BR17
         `--Thiara Röding 1798 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
              |  i. s.: ‘Melania’ abbreviata Defrance 1823 F27
              |         ‘Melania’ abendanoni B50
              |         ‘Melania’ bulbosa C64
              |         ‘Melania’ corporosa [=M. (Striatella) corporosa] PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ decollata Reeve 1859 PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ ebenina PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ exigua C64
              |         ‘Melania’ fasciolata F66
              |         ‘Melania’ ferrea Reeve 1859 PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ gemmifera B50
              |         ‘Melania’ hongkongensis PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ insulaesacrae B50
              |         ‘Melania’ lalemae B50
              |         ‘Melania’ lateritia F66
              |         ‘Melania’ mahalonensis B50
              |         ‘Melania’ mahalonica B50
              |         ‘Melania’ masapensis B50
              |         ‘Melania’ maurula Reeve 1859 PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ menkeana C64
              |         ‘Melania’ neglecta Anthony 1854 BC01
              |         ‘Melania’ newberryi C64
              |         ‘Melania’ nigrina Lea 1856 C64
              |         ‘Melania’ occata C64
              |         ‘Melania’ palicolarum B50
              |         ‘Melania’ pallidula Reeve 1860 [=M. pallens] PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ patriarchalis B50
              |         ‘Melania’ phlebotomum Reeve 1859 PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ plicifera [incl. M. silicula] C64
              |         ‘Melania’ sarasinorum B50
              |         ‘Melania’ scipio [incl. M. buschiana] C64
              |         ‘Melania’ semicancellata PB27
              |         ‘Melania’ shastaensis Lea 1856 [incl. M. shortaensis] C64
              |         ‘Melania’ tominangensis B50
              |         ‘Melania’ towutensis B50
              |         ‘Melania’ towutica B50
              |         ‘Melania’ wahlamatensis C64
              |         ‘Melania’ warderiana C64
              |--*T. (Thiara) amarula (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
              |    |--T. a. amarula PB27
              |    `--‘Melania’ a. coacta [incl. M. crenularis v. Martens 1860, Tiara vouamica Bourguignat 1889] PB27
              `--‘Melania’ (Tarebia) lirata Benson 1836 [incl. M. flavida, M. semigranosa] TC89

Thiaridae incertae sedis:
  Goniobasis Lea 1862 W77
    |--G. depygis W79
    |--G. laqueta W78
    |--G. livescens W79
    |--G. milesii W79
    |--G. nebrascensis Meek & Hayden 1856 W77
    |--G. proxima D84
    |--G. pulchella W79
    |--G. tenera (Hall 1845) [=Cerithium tenerum] W77
    |--G. tenuicarinata (Meek & Hayden 1857) [=Melania tenuicarinata] W77
    `--G. virginica W79
  Carbonispira Yen 1949 TTE93, KC60
    `--*C. scotica Yen 1949 KC60
  Horea Bourguignat 1888 PB27
    `--‘Melania’ tanganyicensis Smith 1880 [incl. *Horea tanganikana Bourguignat 1888] PB27
  *Antimelania variabilis [=Melania variabilis] PB27
  Juramelanoides Bandel 1991 B91
    `--*J. villersense (de Loriol 1865) [=Cerithium villersense] B91
  Lavansia Bandel 1991 B91
    `--*L. mojonia Bandel 1991 B91

Thiara Röding 1798 BR05 [=Amarula Sowerby 1842 PB27, Hydrognoma Gistel 1848 PB27, Lithoparches Gistel 1848 PB27, Melacantha Swainson 1840 PB27, Melania Lamarck 1799 BR05, Melanidia Rafinesque 1815 PB27, Spirilla Humph. in Gray 1847 PB27, Tiara Hermannsen 1849 PB27; incl. Melas Denys de Montfort 1810 PB27; Melaniacea, Melaniana, Melanianae, Thiareae, Thiarinae, Tiarinae] BR05

*Thiara (Thiara) amarula (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 [=Helix amarula BR17, *Amarula amarula PB27, *Hydrognoma amarula PB27, *Lithoparches amarula PB27, *Melacantha amarula PB27, *Melania amarula BR17, *Melanidia amarula PB27, *Spirilla amarula PB27, *Tiara amarula PB27; incl. *Melas melanus Denys de Montfort 1810 PB27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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