Temnocheilus coronatus, from Kummel (1964).

Belongs within: Tainoceratoidea.

Temnocheilus was a genus of nautilid found during the Carboniferous and Permian in what is now North America and Europe.

Characteristics (from Kummel 1964): Evolute, with large, open, perforate umbilicus; whorl section subtrapezoidal, flattened ventrally and laterally, slightly impressed dorsally; lateral zones convergent dorsally; deep hyponomic sinus on venter; ventrolateral shoulders bearing single row of longitudinally elongate nodes; sutures with ventral, lateral and dorsal lobes; siphuncle small, subcentral, orthochoanitic.

<==Temnocheilus M’Coy 1844 H99 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*T. coronatus (M’Coy 1844) [=Nautilus (*Temnocheilus) coronatus] H99
    |--T. annulonodosus Sturgeon et al. 1982 H99
    |--T. bellicosus Morton 1836 H99
    |--T. carbonarius Foord 1891 H99
    |--T. concavus (Sowerby 1840) H99
    |--T. coronatiformae Shimansky 1967 H99
    |--T. costatocoronatus M’Coy 1844 H99
    |--T. crassus Hyatt 1891 P68
    |--T. depressus Hyatt 1884 H99
    |--T. derbiensis Hind 1914 H99
    |--T. forbesianus McChesney 1859 H99
    |--T. harneri Miller & Owen 1934 H99
    |--T. inaequilaterale Miller & Youngquist 1949 P68 [=*Leonardocheilus inaequilateralis K64]
    |--T. johnsoni Miller, Dunbar & Condra 1933 H99
    |--T. latus Meek & Worthen 1870 H99
    |--T. subrectangularis Miller, Dunbar & Condra 1933 H99
    |--T. tuberosus M’Coy 1844 H99
    |--T. ventroconcavus Platt 1938 H99
    `--T. winslowi Meek & Worthen 1870 H99 [=Nautilus (Temnocheilus) winslowi P68]

Temnocheilus M’Coy 1844 H99 [incl. Articheilus Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy 1954 K64, Leonardocheilus Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy 1954 K64, Pseudotemnocheilus Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy 1954 K64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H99] Histon, K. 1999. A revision of A. H. Foord’s monograph of Irish Carboniferous nautiloid cephalopods (1897-1901). Part 2. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society 153: 63-129.

[K64] Kummel, B. 1964. Nautiloidea – Nautilida. In Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt. K. Mollusca 3. Cephalopoda – General Features – Endoceratoidea – Actinoceratoidea – Nautiloidea – Bactritoidea (R. C. Moore, ed.) pp. K383-K457. The Geological Society of America and the University of Kansas Press.

[P68] Purnell, L. R. 1968. Catalog of the Type Specimens of Invertebrate Fossils. Part I: Paleozoic Cephalopoda. United States National Museum Bulletin 262: 1-198.

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