Nahuelonyx nasutus, diagnostic features. From Maury (1988).

Belongs within: Triaenonychidae.
Contains: Hendea, Algidia, Equitius, Acumontia, Nunciella, Nuncia, Ceratomontia.

The Triaenonychini was established in its current form by Forster (1954) who suggested that the separate Southern Hemisphere subfamilies of Triaenonychidae previously recognised by Roewer (1923) were probably not natural groupings. Rather than eliminate them entirely, he reduced them to tribes of a single subfamily Triaenonychinae pending further analysis. The tribes remain untested, though Kury (2006) suggested that the previously triaenonychin genus Graemontia might be more closely related to the tribe Triaenobunini. Species of Triaenonychini are found in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America. Fewer species have been described from the last locality than the others, though the South American taxa do include the type genus Triaenonyx.

Characters (from Forster 1954): Tarsal claws III-IV with single pair of accessory lateral branches, side branches of claws much shorter than median prong; sternum slender, with lance-shaped expansion anteriorly and lateral expansions posteriorly, width of posterior expansions much less than length of sternum.

<==Triaenonychini [Triaenochini]
    |--+--Nuncia MK08
    |  `--Ceratomontia MK08
    `--+--Gunvoria Kauri 1961 MK08, S92
       |    `--*G. spatulata Kauri 1961 S92, MK08
       `--Nahuelonyx Maury 1988 MK08, K03
            `--*N. nasutus (Ringuelet 1959) K03, MK08 [=Diasia nasuta K03]

Triaenonychini incertae sedis:
  Hendea F54
  Algidia F54
  Equitius H85
  Triconobunus Roewer 1914 R23
    `--*T. horridus Roewer 1914 R14, R23
  Diaenobunus Roewer 1914 R23
    `--D. armatus Roewer 1914 R23
  Heteronuncia Roewer 1920 F55
    `--H. robusta Roewer 1920 F55
  Psalenoba Roewer 1931 F54
    `--*P. nunciaeformis Roewer 1931 F54
  Perthacantha Roewer 1931 R31
    `--*P. jugata Roewer 1931 R31
  Antongila Roewer 1931 S92
    `--*A. spinigera Roewer 1931 S92
  Hedwiga Roewer 1931 F54
    `--*H. manubriata Roewer 1931 F54
  Prasmiola Forster 1954 F54
    `--*P. unica Forster 1954 F54
  Brasiloctis Mello-Leitão 1938 K03
    `--*B. bucki Mello-Leitão 1938 K03
  Valdivionyx Maury 1988 K03, K04
    `--*V. crassipes Maury 1988 K03
  Paranuncia Roewer 1914 H85, F49
    |--*P. gigantea Roewer 1914 F49
    `--P. ingens Roewer 1931 R31
  Callihamus Roewer 1931 R31
    |--C. badius Roewer 1931 R31
    `--C. inermis Roewer 1931 R31
  Triaenonychoides Soares 1968 [=Trianonychoides (l. c.)] K03
    |--*T. cekalovici Soares 1968 [=Trianonychoides (l. c.) cekalovici] K03
    `--T. breviops Maury 1987 K03
  Lomanella Pocock 1903 F55
    |--*L. raniceps Pocock 1903 P02, R23
    |--L. atrolutea Roewer 1914 R23
    |--L. kallista Forster 1949 F49
    `--L. parva Forster 1955 F55
  Calliuncus Roewer 1931 H71, H72
    |--*C. ferrugineus Roewer 1931 H72, R31
    |--C. ephippiatus Roewer 1931 R31
    |--C. glaber Kauri 1954 [=C. glabra] H59
    |--C. labyrinthus Hunt 1972 H72
    |--C. odoratus H72
    `--C. vulsus Hickman 1959 [=C. glaber Hickman 1958 non Kauri 1954] H59
  Diasia Sørensen 1902 K03, K04 [=Diaria (l. c.) K03, Diasa (l. c.) K03]
    |--*D. michaelsenii Sørensen 1902 (see below for synonymy) K03
    |--D. araucana Maury 1987 K03
    `--D. platnicki Maury 1987 K03
  Hendeola Forster 1954 F54
    |--*H. bullata Forster 1954 F54
    |    |--H. b. bullata NS00
    |    `--H. b. pterna Forster 1954 NS00
    `--H. woodwardi Forster 1954 NS00
  Neonuncia Roewer 1914 H71, F55
    |--*N. enderbei (Hogg 1909) F54 (see below for synonymy)
    |--N. blacki Forster 1954 NS00
    |--N. campbelli Foster 1954 NS00
    |--N. eastoni Forster 1954 NS00
    `--N. opaca (Roewer 1931) [=Nuncia opaca] F54
  Acumontia S92
  Triregia Forster 1948 F54
    |--*T. monstrosa Forster 1948 F54
    |--T. bilineata (Forster 1943) [=Adaeum bilineatum] F54
    `--T. fairburni (Forster 1943) [=Adaeum fairburni] F54
         |--T. f. fairburni F54
         `--T. f. grata Forster 1954 F54
  Nunciella H71
  Triaenonyx Sørensen 1886 K04 [incl. Pythora Koch in Sørensen 1886 R23]
    |--*T. rapax Sørensen 1886 K03, R31 [=Pythora rapax R23]
    |--T. arrogans Soares 1968 K03
    |--T. chilensis Sørensen 1902 K03
    |--T. corralensis Roewer 1915 K03
    |--T. dispersus Roewer 1915 R31
    `--T. valdiviensis Sørensen 1902 R31 [=Nuncia valdiviensis H20]
  Prasma Roewer 1931 [incl. Triaenobletus Roewer 1931] F54
    |--*P. tuberculata (Hogg 1920) (see below for synonymy) F54
    |    |--P. t. tuberculata NS00
    |    |--P. t. intermedia Forster 1954 NS00
    |    |--P. t. mearosa Forster 1954 NS00
    |    `--P. t. mulsa Forster 1954 NS00
    `--P. sorenseni Forster 1954 NS00
         |--P. s. sorenseni NS00
         `--P. s. regalia Forster 1954 NS00
  Cluniella Forster 1955 F55
    |--*C. minuta Forster 1955 F55
    |--C. distincta Forster 1955 F55
    `--C. ornata Forster 1955 F55
  Holonuncia Forster 1955 H85, F55
    |--*H. cavernicola Forster 1955 F55
    `--H. tuberculata (Roewer 1914) [=Neonuncia tuberculata] F55
  Lizamontia Kury 2004 K04
    |--*L. starengai Kury 2004 K04
    |--L. draconensis (Lawrence 1931) [=Acumontia draconensis] K04
    `--L. natalensis (Lawrence 1931) [=Acumontia natalensis] K04
  Nuncioides H71
  Rostromontia Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--*R. truncata Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--R. capensis Lawrence 1931 GV09
    `--R. granulifera Lawrence 1931 [=R. granulifer] S92
  Mensamontia Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--*M. morulifera Lawrence 1931 S92
    `--M. melanophora Lawrence 1931 S92
  Austronuncia Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--*A. spinipalpis Lawrence 1931 S92
    `--A. leleupi Lawrence 1963 S92
  Speleomontia Lawrence 1931 S92
    `--*S. cavernicola Lawrence 1931 S92
  Biacumontia Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--*B. paucidens Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--B. cornuta Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--B. elata Kauri 1961 S92
    |--B. fissidens Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--B. maculata Lawrence 1938 S92
    |--B. truncatidens Lawrence 1931 S92
    `--B. variegata Lawrence 1934 S92
  Amatola Lawrence 1931 [incl. Cryptobunus Lawrence 1931] S92
    |--*A. dentifrons Lawrence 1931 S92
    |--A. armata (Lawrence 1938) [=Cryptobunus armatus] L02
    |--A. durbanica (Lawrence 1937) [=Cryptobunus durbanicus] S92
    |--A. maritima (Lawrence 1937) [=Cryptobunus maritimus] S92
    |--A. setifemur (Lawrence 1931) S92 (see below for synonymy)
    `--A. unidentata (Lawrence 1937) [=Cryptobunus unidentatus] S92
  Lawrencella Strand 1932 S92 [=Roeweria Lawrence 1931 non Mello-Leitão 1923 L31]
    `--*L. inermis (Lawrence 1931) S92 [=*Roeweria inermis L31]
  Hovanuncia Lawrence 1959 S92
    |--*H. monticola Lawrence 1959 S92
    `--H. bidentata Lawrence 1959 S92
  Flavonuncia Lawrence 1959 S92
    `--*F. pupilla Lawrence 1959 S92
  Paramontia Lawrence 1934 S92
    |--*P. lisposoma (Lawrence 1931) [=Rostromontia lisposoma] S92
    `--P. infinita Lawrence 1934 S92
  Lispomontia Lawrence 1937 K61
    `--L. coxidens Lawrence 1937 K61
  Micromontia Lawrence 1939 K61
    `--*M. flava Lawrence 1939 S92

Amatola setifemur (Lawrence 1931) S92 [=*Cryptobunus setifemur L31; incl. C. silvicolus Lawrence 1937 S92]

*Diasia michaelsenii Sørensen 1902 [=Diaria (l. c.) michaelsenii, Diasa michaelsenii (l. c.), Diasia michaelseni (l. c.)] K03

Neonuncia enderbei (Hogg 1909) F54 [=Triaenonyx enderbei F54, Neonuncia enderbyi F54, Nuncia enderbaei H20; incl. Nu. insulana Roewer 1942 F54]

*Prasma tuberculata (Hogg 1920) [=Monoxyomma tuberculatum; incl. *Triaenobletus crassipalpus Roewer 1931] F54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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