Clava aspera, from Compton (1944).

Belongs within: Cerithioidea.

Clava is another genus of small high-spired marine gastropods similar to Cerithium. (I think that this genus may be no longer considered valid; some of my references are a little dated.)

Characteristics (from Compton 1944): Parietal callus free, not attached to body whorl; evenly distributed, nearly cancellate ornamentation; ridgelike disc present on basal whorl; shell angular, penultimate whorl not decidedly enlarged; anterior canal well-developed.

    |--C. aluco (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex aluco] H09
    |--C. aspera (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex asper] H09
    |--C. bidentata [=Cerithium (Clava) bidentata] F27
    |    |--C. b. bidentata F27
    |    `--C. b. schafferi Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27
    |--C. nodulosa Bruguière 1792 H09
    |--C. pulchra (Sowerby 1855) [=Vertagus pulcher] H09
    |--C. recurva (Sowerby 1855) [=Cerithium recurvum] H09
    |--C. sinensis (Gmelin 1791) [=Murex sinensis] H09
    |--C. sowerbyi (Kiener 1842) [=Cerithium sowerbyi] H09
    `--C. vertaga (Linnaeus 1767) [=Murex vertagus] H09

Clava bidentata schafferi Finlay 1927 [=Cerithium (Clava) bidentata var. abbreviata Schaffer 1912 nec Cerithium abbreviatum Leckenby 1858 nec Brazier 1877] F27


Compton, R. R. 1944. A new Paleocene gastropod from southern California. Journal of Paleontology 18 (5): 464-469.

[F27] Finlay, H. J. 1927. New specific names for austral Mollusca. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 488-533.

[H09] Hedley, C. 1909. The Marine Fauna of Queensland: Address by the President of Section D. Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science: Brisbane.

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