Specimens of Goniatites multiliratus, with the sutures visible on the smallest specimen. Image from here.

Belongs within: Ammonoidea.

Goniatites was a mid-Visean (Early Carboniferous) genus of ammonoid, the type of the Goniatitida. Like other goniatitids, Goniatites had an angular 'zig-zag' suture morphology. Members of this genus have been identified as index fossils in Europe and North America (Ross 1979).

Characters (from Korn et al. 2005): Moderately large, thickly discoidal to globular conch. Aperture and whorl expansion rate low to moderate (WER 1.45 to 2.00). Suture line with narrow, V-shaped or Y-shaped external lobe and moderately high median saddle. Ventrolateral saddle asymmetric, narrowly rounded or acute. Large, V-shaped adventive lobe. Ornament with strongly crenulated growth lines running in convex or biconvex course; some species with fine spiral ornament.

<==Goniatites de Haan 1825 [Goniatitidae] W77
    |--G. americanus R79
    |--G. baylorensis White 1891 P68
    |--G. choctawensis P68
    |    |--G. c. choctawensis P68
    |    |--G. c. barnettensis Miller & Youngquist 1948 P68
    |    `--G. c. cumminsi P68
    |--G. desideratus Walcott 1884 P68
    |--G. globulus P68
    |    |--G. g. globulus P68
    |    `--G. g. excelsus Meek 1876 P68
    |--G. granosus P68
    |--G. lutheri Clarke 1885 P68
    |--G. multiliratus Gordon 1962 P68
    |--G. mutabilis H84
    |--G. newsomi P68
    |--G. nodiger Clarke 1885 P68
    `--G. sphaericus P68

*Type species of generic name indicated


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