Hercules Club mud whelks Pyrazus ebeninus on sea-grass bed. Photo from here.

Belongs within: Cerithiimorpha.

The Batillariidae are a family of high-spired marine gastropods found within the tide zone in mud and muddy sand. Members have a flaring outer lip on the aperture.

    |--Granulolabium GK02 [Tiaracerithiinae BR05]
    |    |  i. s.: G. plicatum (Basterot 1825) GK02
    |    `--G. (Tiaracerithium Sacco 1895) GK02, BR05
    |         `--‘Cerithium’ thiarella Grateloup 1832 BR17 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Batillaria Benson 1842 [Batillariinae] BR05
    |    |--*B. zonalis (Bruguière 1792) [=Cerithium zonale] BR17
    |    |--B. attramentaria CG99
    |    |--B. australis OC03
    |    |--B. cumingi ZLK11
    |    |--B. (Vicinocerithium) inopinata (Deshayes 1864) TTE93
    |    `--B. minima (Gmelin 1791) S11
    `--Pyrazus Montfort 1810 [Pyrazidae] BR05
         |--*P. baudini Montfort 1810 BR17
         |--P. ebeninus Bruguière 1792 WG71
         |--P. herculeus (Martyn 1784) [=Clava herculea] H09
         |--P. incisus C64
         |--P. layardi (Adams 1855) [=Cerithium layardi] H09
         |--P. palustris (Linnaeus 1767) [=Strombus palustris] H09
         |--P. scalariformis TTE93
         |--P. semistriatus F66
         `--P. sulcatus (Born 1778) [=Murex sulcatus] H09

‘Cerithium’ thiarella Grateloup 1832 BR17 [=C. pseudotiarella d’Orbigny 1852 BR17, Granulolabium (*Tiaracerithium) pseudotiarella GK02, BR17]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 18 May 2021.

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