Pale cotton stainer bug Dysdercus sidae, from here.

Belongs within: Heteroptera.
Contains: Corixidae, Naucoroidea, Notonectoidea, Leptopodomorpha, Cimicomorpha, Rhyparochromidae, Coreoidea, Aradoidea, Pentatomoidea, Lygaeidae.

The Panheteroptera is a major clade of true bugs, characterised by the division of the forewings between a sclerotised proximal corium and non-sclerotised distal membrane. They include the Nepomorpha, one of the few groups of insects including species that are aquatic through their entire life cycle. The Leptopodomorpha are also associated with water, while the Geocorisae are more strongly terrestrial.

    |--Nepomorpha GE05
    |    |--+--Ochteroidea SP02
    |    |  |    |  i. s.: Heterochterus SP02
    |    |  |    |--Propreocoris [Propreocorinae] GE05
    |    |  |    `--+--Gelastocoridae GE05
    |    |  |       `--Ochterus YS01 [Ochteridae GE05]
    |    |  `--+--Corixidae GE05
    |    |     `--+--Naucoroidea SP02
    |    |        `--+--Notonectoidea GE05
    |    |           `--+--Helotrephidae GE05
    |    |              `--Plea D14 [Pleidae GE05, Pleinae]
    |    |                   `--P. rufonotata Distant 1914 D14
    |    `--Nepoidea SP02
    |         |--Nepidae GE05
    |         |    |--Laccotrephes SP02
    |         |    |--Ranatra TW05
    |         |    |--Nepa cinerea Im92
    |         |    `--Curicta Im92
    |         `--Belostomatidae GE05
    |              |--Mesobelostomum deperditum S02
    |              |--Odrowasicoris polonicus S02
    |              |--Iberonepa romerali GE05, S02
    |              |--Diplonychus YS01
    |              |--Lethonectes GE05
    |              |--Tarsabedus GE05
    |              |--Nettelstedtia GE05
    |              |--Mesonepa GE05
    |              |--Scarabeides GE05
    |              |--Stygeonepa GE05
    |              |--Lethopterus GE05
    |              `--Lethocerus S02
    |                   |--L. deyrollei (Vuillefroy 1864) Iw92
    |                   `--L. turgaicus S02
    `--+--Leptopodomorpha GE05
       `--Geocorisae GE05
            |--Cimicomorpha GE05
            `--Pentatomomorpha GE05
                 |  i. s.: Nothochromus [Artheneidae] L02
                 |           `--N. maoricus Slater, Woodward & Sweet 1962 L02
                 |         Phloeidae GE05
                 |         Geocoridae [Geocorinae] GE05
                 |           |--Neocypus Distant 1914 [=Ocypus Montr. 1861 (preoc.)] D14
                 |           |    `--N. variegatus (Montr. 1861) [=Ocypus variegatus] D14
                 |           `--Geocoris G89
                 |                |--G. pallens WT91
                 |                |--G. punctipes WT91
                 |                `--G. thoracicus G89
                 |         Rhyparochromidae GE05
                 |--Coreoidea GE05
                 |--Aradoidea GE05
                 |--Pentatomoidea GE05
                 |--Lygaeidae GE05
                 `--Pyrrhocoroidea GE05
                      |--Largidae O06
                      |    |--Physopelta gutta ZS10
                      |    `--Japetus Distant 1883 O06
                      |         `--*J. sphaeroides Distant 1883 O06
                      `--Pyrrhocoridae GE05
                           |--Pyrrhocoris apterus S54
                           `--Dysdercus WS04
                                |--D. koenigii WS04
                                |--D. remotus Distant 1914 D14
                                `--D. sidae Montr. 1861 [=Disdercus sidae] D14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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