Aphylum syntheticum, from here.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.
Contains: Scutelleridae, Tessaratomidae, Cydnidae, Pentatominae.

The Pentatomoidea include the stink bugs and related taxa. Many pentatomoids have an enlarged scutellum, which in extreme cases may cover the entire abdomen. Such examples include the Plataspididae, in which the hemelytra are much longer than the body but folding to fit under the scutellum at rest (Carver et al. 1991). Most pentatomoids are plant-feeders but members of the pentatomoid subfamily Asopinae are predators, and have a thick rostrum associated with bucculae that are shorted to allow greater flexibility of the labium for predation (Sweet & Schaefer 2002).

Synapomorphies (from Shcherbakov & Popov 2002): Antennae 5-segmented; only two lateral trichobothria per abdominal segment; genital aperture directed caudally; egg barrel-shaped with circular eclosion rent.

<==Pentatomoidea GE05
    |--+--Lestonia China 1955 [Lestoniidae] G75
    |  |    |--*L. haustorifera China 1955 G75
    |  |    `--L. grossi CGW91
    |  `--Plataspididae [Brachyplatidae, Coptosomatidae, Plataspidinae] G75
    |       |--Brachyplatys D14
    |       |    |--B. pacificus Wall. 1851 D14
    |       |    `--B. vanikorensis Boisduval 1835 B35
    |       `--Coptosoma S07
    |            |--C. ostensum S07
    |            `--C. scutellatum H01
    `--+--Cydnidae G75
       `--+--Phloeidae G75
          `--Pentatomidae G75
               |  i. s.: Thyanta pallidovirens WS04
               |         Erthesina fullo YS01, H01
               |         Rhaphigaster nebulosa (Poda 1761) H01, L-SSY04 [incl. R. grisea H01]
               |         Mormidea integella [=Euschistus (Paraschistus) integellus] R74
               |         Irochrotus caspius H01
               |         Odontoscelis fuliginosa H01
               |         Phimodera collina H01
               |         Masthletinus abbreviatus H01
               |         Neottiglossa pusilla [incl. N. inflexa] H01
               |         Eusarcoris aeneus H01
               |         Rubiconia intermedia H01
               |         Peribalus vernalis H01
               |         Palomena prasina H01
               |         Picromerus bidens H01
               |         Elasmucha grisea [incl. E. betulae] H01
               |         Commius elegans C91
               |--Trincavellius [Discocephalinae] B27
               |--Pentatominae SS02
               |--Aphylum Bergroth 1906 [Aphylidae, Aphylinae] G75
               |    |--*A. syntheticum Bergroth 1906 G75
               |    `--A. bergrothi G75
               `--Asopinae [Asopidae] SS02
                    |--Ealda minax Walk. 1867 D14
                    |--Zicrona coerulea G76, H01
                    |--Stiretrus G75
                    `--Eocanthocona MC13

Pentatomoidea incertae sedis:
  Acanthosomatidae SS02
    |  i. s.: Sastragala YS01
    |         Duadicus pallidus G75
    |         Stauralia chloracantha C91
    |         Amphaces CGW91
    |         Anischys luteovaria WEE70
    |         Hiarchas CGW91
    |         Elasmostethus interstinctus CGW91, H01 [incl. E. dentatus H01]
    |         Eupolemus CGW91
    |         Andriscus WEE70
    |         Stictocarenus WEE70
    |--Ditomotarsinae CGW91
    |--Blaudusinae CGW91
    `--Acanthosoma H01 [Acanthosomatinae CGW91]
         `--A. haemorrhoidale H01
  Parastrachia Distant 1883 SDT88 [Parastrachiaria, Parastrachiidae SS02, Parastrachiinae]
    |--P. japonensis (Scott 1880) (see below for synonymy) SDT88
    `--P. nagaensis Distant 1908 SS02
  Dinidoridae SS02
    |--Coridius janus SS02
    |--Eumenotes obscurus CGW91
    `--Megymenum SS02
         |--M. affine Boisduval 1835 B35
         |--M. dentatum Boisduval 1835 B35
         |--M. gracilicorne SS02
         `--M. insulare CGW91
  Thyreocoridae SS02
    |--Thyreocoris SS02
    `--Corimelaena [Corimelaeninae] SS02
  Scutelleridae GE05
  Tessaratomidae SS02
  Megaris [Megarididae] SDT88
  Canopidae CGW91
  Urolabida [Urostylinae] SDT88
    `--U. nilgirica SDT88
  Dismegistus SDT88
  Serbana SDT88
  Cyrtocoridae SDT88
  Ruckesona [Saileriolinae] SDT88
    `--R. vitrella SDT88
  Tahitocoris SDT88

Parastrachia japonensis (Scott 1880) [=Asopus japonensis, P. japonica (l. c.); incl. *P. fulgens Distant 1883] SDT88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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