Graphosoma italicum, photographed by Alvesgaspar.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.
Contains: Pentatominae.

The Pentatomoidea include the stink bugs and related taxa. Many pentatomoids have an enlarged scutellum, which in extreme cases may cover the entire abdomen.

Synapomorphies (from Shcherbakov & Popov 2002): Antennae 5-segmented; only two lateral trichobothria per abdominal segment; genital aperture directed caudally; egg barrel-shaped with circular eclosion rent.

    |--Tessaratomidae ZS10
    |--Brachyplatys D14 [Plataspidae GE05, Plataspidinae]
    |    `--B. pacificus Wall. 1851 D14
    |--Acanthosomatidae SP02
    |    |--Sastragala YS01
    |    `--Elasmostethus interstinctus I92
    |--Scutelleridae [Scutellerinae] GE05
    |    |--Calliphara praslinia (Guér. 1838) [=Scutellera praslinia] D14
    |    |--Tectocoris lineola (Fabr. 1781) (see below for synonymy) D14
    |    |--Philia elegans (Montrouz. 1861) [=Callidea elegans] D14
    |    |--Chrysocoris sexmaculatus (Leach 1815) [=Scutellera sexmaculata] D14
    |    `--Agonoscelis rutila ZS10
    |--Cydnidae GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Chilocoris L02
    |    |           |--C. neozealandicus Larivière & Froeschner 1994 L02
    |    |           `--C. similis G17
    |    |         Macroscytus brunneus YS01, G89
    |    |         Microporus obliquus C90
    |    |         Melanaethus noctivagus C90
    |    |--Thaumastellinae SP02
    |    |---Amnestinae SP02
    |    |    |--Clavicoris GE05 [Clavicorinae SP02]
    |    |    |--Latiscutella GE05 [Latiscutellidae SP02]
    |    |    `--Pricecoris GE05 [Pricecoridae SP02]
    |    `--Cydninae D14
    |         |--Cydnus flavicornis G89
    |         |--Adrisa numeensis (Montr. 1858) [=Geobia numeensis] D14
    |         `--Teabooma Distant 1914 D14
    |              `--*T. princeps Distant 1914 D14
    `--Pentatomidae GE05
         |  i. s.: Cuspicona simplex WFS04
         |         Dictyotus caenosus WFS04
         |         Glaucias amyoti WFS04
         |         Monteithiella humeralis WFS04
         |         Oechalia shellenbergi WFS04
         |         Thyanta pallidovirens WS04
         |         Coleotichus blackburniae H91
         |         Erthesina YS01
         |         Nezara YS01
         |           |--N. heegeri G89
         |           `--N. viridula (Linnaeus 1758) L-SSY04
         |         Poecilometis AY04
         |         Biprorulus bibax B88
         |         Carpocoris Kolenati 1846 L-SSY04
         |         Dolycoris Mulsant & Rey 1866 L-SSY04
         |         Eurydema oleraceum (Linnaeus 1758) L-SSY04
         |         Rhaphigaster nebulosa (Poda 1761) L-SSY04
         |         Mormidea integella [=Euschistus (Paraschistus) integellus] R74
         |         Hyrmine ZS10
         |--Sciocorinae B27
         |--Myrocheinae B27
         |--Trincavellius [Discocephalinae] B27
         |--Pentatominae B27
         |--Graphosomatinae D14
         |    |--Scotinophara geophila (Montr. 1858) [=Scutellera geophila] D14
         |    `--Graphosoma italicum I92
         `--Asopinae GE05
              |--Ealda minax Walk. 1867 D14
              `--Platynopus melacanthus (Boisd. 1835) [=Pentatoma melacanthum] D14

Tectocoris lineola (Fabr. 1781) [=Cimex lineola; incl. T. lineola var. banksi Don 1805, T. lineola var. cyanipes Fabr. 1803, T. diophthalma Kirk 1908, T. lineola var. obliquus Walk. 1867, T. lineola var. tongae Boisd. 1832] D14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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