Male (left) and female superb fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus, photographed by Krysia.

Belongs within: Meliphagoidea.

Malurus, the fairy wrens, is a genus of small, short-winged but strong-legged insectivorous birds found in Australia and New Guinea. Species of this genus have long, narrow tails that are often held cocked upwards; males in breeding plumage are often brightly coloured.

<==Malurus Vieillot 1816 B94
    |  i. s.: M. alboscapulatus JT12
    |         M. campbelli JT12
    |         M. cyanocephalus JT12
    |         M. grayi JT12
    |         M. leuconotus Dould 1865 WS48 (see below for synonymy)
    |         M. pulcherrimus Gould 1844 [incl. M. pulcherrimus stirlingi Mathews 1913] WS48
    |--+--M. leucopterus Dumont 1824 JT12, WS48 [incl. M. edouardi Campbell 1901 WS48, M. leucopterus edouardi M03]
    |  `--M. melanocephalus (Latham 1801) JT12, WS48 [=Muscicapa melanocephala WS48]
    |       |--M. m. melanocephalus M03
    |       `--M. m. cruentatus Gould 1839 [incl. M. cruentatus boweri Ramsay 1886] WS48
    `--+--+--M. coronatus Gould 1857 JT12, WS48
       |  |    |--M. c. coronatus [incl. Rosina coronata rogersiana Mathews 1912] WS48
       |  |    `--M. c. macgillivrayi M03
       |  `--+--M. cyaneus JT12
       |     |    |--M. c. cyaneus M03
       |     |    |--M. c. ashbyi M03
       |     |    |--M. c. cyanochlamys M03
       |     |    |--M. c. elizabethae M03
       |     |    |--M. c. leggei M03
       |     |    `--M. c. samueli M03
       |     `--M. splendens (Quoy & Gaimard 1830) JT12, WS48 [=Saxicola splendens WS48]
       |          |--M. s. splendens [incl. M. pectoralis Gould 1833 (preoc.), M. splendens perthi Mathews 1922] WS48
       |          |--M. s. callainus SJ85
       |          |--M. s. emmotorum M03
       |          |--M. s. melanotus M03
       |          |--M. s. musgravi M03
       |          `--M. s. riordani Mathews 1912 [incl. M. splendens aridus Mack 1934] WS48
       `--+--M. elegans Gould 1837 (nom. cons.) JT12, WS48 [incl. Leggeornis elegans warreni Mathews 1916 WS48]
          `--+--M. amabilis Gould 1850 JT12, WS48 [incl. M. amabilis rogersi Mathews 1912 WS48, M. lamberti rogersi M03]
             `--M. lamberti Vigors & Horsfield 1827 JT12, WS48
                  |--M. l. lamberti M03
                  |--M. l. assimilis M03
                  |--M. l. bernieri Ogilvie-Grant 1909 WS48
                  |--M. l. dulcis M03
                  `--M. l. mastersi Mathews 1912 (see below for synonymy) WS48

Malurus lamberti mastersi Mathews 1912 [incl. Leggornis lamberti hartogi Mathews 1918, M. lamberti occidentalis Mathews 1912] WS48

Malurus leuconotus Dould 1865 WS48 [=M. leucopterus leuconotus M03; incl. M. cyanotus exsul Mathews 1912 WS48, M. leuconotus perplexus Mathews 1912 WS48, Hallornis leuconotus wongani Mathews 1922 WS48]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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