Lygaeus equestris, photographed by Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.
Contains: Rhypodes, Geocoris.

The Lygaeidae are a large family of bugs that mostly feed on seeds. Members of the subfamilies Lygaeinae, Ischnorhynchinae and Orsillinae have the spiracles located dorsally on each segment of the abdomen; in members of the other subfamilies, at least some are located ventrally (Carver et al. 1991).

    |--Henicocoris [Henicocorinae] CGW91
    |    `--H. monteithi CGW91
    |--Cryptorhamphinae CGW91
    |    |--Cryptorhamphus orbus G75
    |    `--Gonystus CGW91
    |--Crompus [Ischnorhynchinae] CGW91
    |    |--C. oculatus CGW91
    |    `--C. opacus CGW91
    |--Bledionotinae L88
    |    |--Abpamphantus L88
    |    |--Neopamphantus L88
    |    |--Pamphantus L88
    |    `--Austropamphantus woodwardi CGW91
    |--Blissinae CGW91
    |    |--Slaterellus [Slaterellinae] CGW91
    |    |    `--S. hackeri WEE70
    |    |--Australodemus CGW91
    |    |--Heinsius CGW91
    |    |--Archaeodemus CGW91
    |    `--Blissus WEE70
    |--Oxycareninae D14
    |    |--Maruthas bicolor Distant 1914 D14
    |    `--Oxycarenus D14
    |         |--O. arctatus ZS10
    |         |--O. hyalinipennis G89
    |         `--O. luctuosus (Montr. 1861) [=Macroplax luctuosus] D14
    |--Pachygronthinae [Pachygronthidae] CGW91
    |    |--Stenophyella macreta MC13
    |    |--Darwinocoris australicus CGW91
    |    |--Pachygrontha CGW91
    |    |    |--P. austrina CGW91
    |    |    `--P. singularis L88
    |    `--Opistholeptus vulturnus WEE70
    |--Cyminae CGW91
    |    |--Ontiscus CGW91
    |    |    |--O. australis K08
    |    |    `--O. vitiensis Kirkaldy 1908 K08
    |    `--Cymus H01
    |         |--C. glandicolor H01
    |         `--C. novaezelandiae M83
    |--Geocorinae [Geocoridae] CGW91
    |    |--Geocoris G89
    |    |--Neocypus Distant 1914 [=Ocypus Montr. 1861 (preoc.)] D14
    |    |    `--N. variegatus (Montr. 1861) [=Ocypus variegatus] D14
    |    `--Germalus CGW91
    |         |--G. elegantulus CGW91
    |         |--G. oceanicus Kirkaldy 1908 [incl. G. oceanicus var. interrupta Kirkaldy 1908] K08
    |         `--G. pacificus Kirkaldy 1908 K08
    |--Nysius MC13 [Orsillidae, Orsillinae GE05]
    |    |--N. clevelandensis W01
    |    |--N. ericae [incl. N. maculatus] H01
    |    |--N. huttoni WS04
    |    |--N. jacobeae H01
    |    |--N. liliputanus Eyles & Ashlock 1969 Lar02
    |    |--N. punctipennis H01
    |    |--N. thymi H01
    |    |--N. turneri WEE70
    |    `--N. vinitor W01
    |--Aphaninae D14
    |    |--Mizaldus D14
    |    |--Baladeana Distant 1914 D14
    |    |    `--*B. macularia Distant 1914 D14
    |    |--Lachnophoroides Distant 1914 D14
    |    |    `--*L. ornatipennis Distant 1914 D14
    |    |--Pamera D14
    |    |    |--P. flavonotata Distant 1914 D14
    |    |    |--P. fracticollis H01
    |    |    |--P. pacifica D14 [=Orthoea pacifica K08]
    |    |    `--P. vincta Say 1831 D14 [=Orthoea vincta K08; incl. O. periplanios Kirkaldy 1907 K08]
    |    `--Aphanus BM76
    |         |--A. adspersus H01
    |         |--A. alboacuminatus H01
    |         |--A. lynceus H01
    |         |--A. pineti BM76
    |         `--A. vulgaris H01
    `--Lygaeinae G75
         |--Melanerythrus mactans G75
         |--Graptostethus CGW91
         |    |--G. servus CGW91
         |    `--G. vitiensis Kirkaldy 1908 K08
         |--Oncopeltus G75
         |    |--O. cingulifer WS04
         |    |--O. fasciatus WS04
         |    |--O. sandarachatus WS04
         |    `--O. sordidus G75
         |--Arocatus WEE70
         |    |--A. roeselii H01
         |    `--A. rusticus WEE70
         |--Astacops WEE70
         |--Scopiastes WEE70
         |--Spilostethus WEE70
         |    |--S. hospes C91
         |    |--S. macilentus G89
         |    `--S. militaris G89
         |--Caenocoris WEE70
         `--Lygaeus WS04
              |--L. albomaculatus [incl. L. apuanus] H01
              |--L. apterus (Linnaeus 1758) Lat02, L58 [=Cimex apterus Lat02]
              |--L. crassicornis Lucas 1847 E12
              |--L. equestris (Linnaeus 1758) Lat02, L58 [=Cimex equestris Lat02]
              |--L. kalmii WS04
              |--L. pacificus Boisd. 1835 D14
              |--L. sardous Lucas 1847 E12
              `--L. tristrami H01

Lygaeidae incertae sedis:
  Lepiorsillus tekapoensis Malipatil 1979 Lar02
  Rhypodes Lar02
  Trapezonotus S54
    |--T. agrestis H01
    |--T. arenarius S54
    |--T. convivus H01
    |--T. desertus S54
    `--T. dispar S54
  Hunanilarva micra Lin 1986 K00
  Neseis O94
  Oceanides O94
  Trypetocoris C88
  Raglius alboacuminatus V09
  Sphagisticus nebrilosus BM76
  Emblethis BM76
    |--E. brachynotus H01
    |--E. ciliatus H01
    |--E. denticollis [incl. E. denticollis var. anodon] H01
    |--E. verbasci G89
    `--E. vicarius BM76
  Sphaerobius insignis BM76
  Apterola pedestris BM76
  Tropidothorax elegans H01
  Philomyrmex viduus H01
  Metopoplax origani H01
  Ligyrocoris sylvestris H01
  Lamprodema H01
    |--L. maurum H01
    `--L. rufipes [incl. L. rufipes var. femoratum Horváth 1901] H01
  Acompus rufipes H01
  Peritrechus H01
    |--P. ambiguus H01
    |--P. geniculatus H01
    `--P. nubilus H01
  Sphragisticus nebulosus H01
  Calyptonotus rolandri H01
  Diomphalus hispidulus H01
  Brachylygaeus mutilatus G75
  Tasmanicola CGW91
  Brachylybas variegatus (Le Guillou 1841) [=Gonocerus variegatus] K08
  Theognis australis K08
  Noteolethaeus WEE74
  Ethaltomarus WEE74

*Type species of generic name indicated


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