Flores lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus weberi, photographed by James Eaton.

Belongs within: Loriinae.

The genus Trichoglossus includes the rainbow lorikeet T. haematodus and related species found in tropical Australasia and the islands of south-east Asia. Members of this genus often have a barred upper breast and/or relatively long tails.

Trichoglossus Vigors & Horsfield 1826 [Trichoglossinae] B94
    |  i. s.: T. flavoviridis JT12
    |         T. rubiginosus RN72
    |--+--T. johnstoniae JT12
    |  `--T. ornatus JT12
    `--+--T. chlorolepidotus JT12
       `--+--T. euteles JT12 [=Psitteuteles euteles RN72]
          `--T. haematodus (Linnaeus 1771) JT12, WS48 [=Psittacus haematod WS48]
               |--T. h. haematodus M03
               |--T. h. berauensis Cain 1955 RN72
               |--T. h. caeruleiceps M03
               |--T. h. capistratus RN72
               |--T. h. deplanchii RN72
               |--T. h. djampeanus RN72
               |--T. h. flavicans [incl. T. h. aberrans] RN72
               |--T. h. flavotectus RN72
               |--T. h. forsteni RN72
               |--T. h. fortis RN72
               |--T. h. intermedius RN72
               |--T. h. massena RN72
               |--T. h. micropteryx RN72
               |--T. h. mitchellii RN72
               |--T. h. moluccanus [incl. T. h. septentrionalis] M03
               |--T. h. nesophilus RN72
               |--T. h. nigrogularis RN72
               |--T. h. novaehollandiae SJ85
               |--T. h. rosenbergii RN72
               |--T. h. rubritorquis Vigors & Horsfield 1826 WS48
               |--T. h. stresemanni RN72
               `--T. h. weberi (Büttikofer 1894) [=Psitteuteles weberi] RN72

*Type species of generic name indicated


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