Yellow-throated miners Manorina flavigula, photographed by Peter Strauss.

Belongs within: Meliphagidae.

Manorina, the miners, is a genus of stocky, mostly insectivorous birds found in Australia. Members of the genus have broad rounded wings, a yellow to red triangular patch of bare skin behind the eye, and yellow, slightly downcurved bills.

<==Manorina Vieillot 1818 [Manorinidae] B94
    |  i. s.: M. melanotis M03
    |--M. melanophrys JT12
    `--+--M. flavigula JT12
       |    |--M. f. flavigula M03
       |    |--M. f. lutea M03
       |    |--M. f. melvillensis M03
       |    |--M. f. obscura M03
       |    `--M. f. wayensis M03
       `--M. melanocephala JT12
            |--M. m. melanocephala M03
            `--M. m. crassirostris M03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B94] Bock, W. J. 1994. History and nomenclature of avian family-group names. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 222: 1-281.

[JT12] Jetz, W., G. H. Thomas, J. B. Joy, K. Hartmann & A. Ø. Mooers. 2012. The global diversity of birds in space and time. Nature 491: 444-448.

[M03] Morcombe, M. 2003. Field Guide to Australian Birds, 2nd ed. Steve Parish Publishing.

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