Metallic starling Aplonis metallica, photographed by Ian Montgomery.

Belongs within: Sturninae.

Aplonis is a genus of starlings found primarily on islands in south-east Asia, Australasia and Oceania. Members of this genus are uniformly dark-coloured as adults (juveniles may have pale underparts), often with a metallic gloss.

Aplonis JF06
    |--+--A. cantoroides JF06
    |  `--+--A. minor Sarasin 1913 JF06, S13 [=A. atronitens minor S13]
    |     `--A. panayensis JF06
    |          |--A. p. panayensis R02
    |          `--A. p. sanghirensis R02
    `--+--A. grandis JF06
       `--+--+--A. brunneicapillus JT12
          |  `--+--A. metallica JT12
          |     |    |--A. m. metallica M03
          |     |    `--A. m. circumscripta M03
          |     `--A. pelzelni JT12
          `--+--A. insularis JT12
             `--+--A. cinerascens JT12
                `--A. tabuensis JT12

Aplonis incertae sedis:
  A. atrifusca JT12
  A. atronitens S13
  A. caledonica [incl. A. viridigrisea] S13
  A. corvina FP64
  A. crassa JT12
  A. dichroa JT12
  A. feadensis JT12
  A. fusca Gould 1836 WH02
    |--A. f. fusca M03
    `--A. f. hullianus M03
  A. magna JT12
  A. mavornata FP64
  A. mysolensis JT12
  A. mystacea JT12
  A. opaca FR98
  A. santovestris JT12
  A. striata JT12
  A. zelandica JT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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