Hesperoctenes abalosi, from here.

Belongs within: Cimicomorpha.

The Polyctenidae are a family of true bugs that are ectoparasitic on bats.

Characters (from Askew 1971): Length 3-5 mm; body very hairy. Compound eyes and ocelli absent; wings greatly reduced. Front legs short and stout; two posterior pairs of legs long and slender. Combs may be present on basal antennal segments, gena or other parts of the head, pronotum and prosternum, mesonotum, first abdominal sternite, and/or last tarsal segments. Viviparous.

    |--Polyctenes molossus A71
    |--Adroctenes A71
    |    |--A. horvathi A71
    |    |--A. jordani A71
    |    `--A. magnus A71
    |--Hypoctenes A71
    |    |--H. clarus A71
    |    |--H. faini A71
    |    |--H. petiolatus A71
    |    `--H. quadratus A71
    |--Eoctenes A71
    |    |--E. coleurae A71
    |    |--E. ferrisi A71
    |    |--E. intermedius A71
    |    |--E. nycteridis A71
    |    `--E. spasmae A71
    `--Hesperoctenes A71
         |--H. abalosi A71
         |--H. angustatus A71
         |--H. cartus A71
         |--H. eumops A71
         |--H. fumarius A71
         |--H. giganteus A71
         |--H. hermsi A71
         |--H. limai A71
         |--H. longiceps A71
         |--H. setosus A71
         `--H. vicinus A71

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A71] Askew, R. R. 1971. Parasitic Insects. Heinemann Educational Books: London.

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