Gonocerus juniperi, photographed by Ulrich Maurer.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.

The Coreoidea are a group of plant-feeding bugs, most species of have ocelli and a series of longitudinal accessory veins in the forewing membrane (Carver et al. 1991). Members of the main family, Coreidae, are commonly known as leaf-footed bugs due to the appearance of their enlarged hind tibiae.

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Macropterous or brachypterous; brachypters with antennifers inserted dorsolaterally; ocelli present; membrane of hemelytron in macropters with at least 6 and usually many more longitudinal veins; S6 with 3 or fewer trichobothria on each side.

    |--Pachymeridiidae SP02
    |--Idiostolus SS02 [Idiostolidae SP02]
    |--Piesma H01 [Piesmatidae SP02]
    |    `--P. capitata H01
    |--Heterogaster Schilling 1829 [Heterogastridae] SE03
    |    `--H. urticae (Fabricius 1775) SE03
    |--Colobathristidae SP02
    |    |--Dayakiellinae SP02
    |    `--Phaenacantha [Colobathristinae] D14
    |         `--P. pacifica D14
    |--Berytidae SP02
    |    |--Berytus clavipes H01
    |    `--Neides H01
    |         |--N. propinquus Horváth 1901 H01
    |         `--N. tipularius H01
    |--Alydidae [Alydinae] SP02
    |    |--Leptocorisa oratorius R96
    |    |--Mirperus curvidens (Montr. 1858) [=Alydus curvidens] D14
    |    |--Riptortus ZS10
    |    |    |--R. clavatus TC01
    |    |    `--R. serripes ZS10
    |    `--Alydus H01
    |         |--A. calcaratus [incl. A. atratus, A. calcaratus var. hirsutus] H01
    |         |--A. pilosulus H01
    |         `--A. zichyi Horváth 1901 H01
    `--Coreidae [Coreinae] GE05
         |--Paradasynus spinosus YS01
         |--Thasus GE05
         |--Mictis profana (Fabr. 1803) [=Lygaeus profana] D14
         |--Amorbus AY04
         |--Amblypelta cocophaga MHG04
         |--Coreus dufourii Lucas 1847 E12
         |--Narnia inornata I92
         |--Aufeius impressicollis BM76
         |--Syromastes marginatus H01
         |--Therapha hyoscyami H01
         |--Chlorosoma macilentum H01
         |--Gonocerus L-SSY04
         |    |--G. annulipes Lucas 1847 E12
         |    `--G. juniperi Herrich-Schäffer 1839 L-SSY04
         |--Enoplops H01
         |    |--E. scapha H01
         |    `--E. sibirica H01
         |--Megalotomus H01
         |    |--M. junceus [incl. M. limbatus] H01
         |    `--M. ornaticeps H01
         |--Leptoglossus WS04
         |    |--L. bidentatus (Montr. 1855) [=Anisoscelis bidentatus] D14
         |    |--L. clypealis WS04
         |    `--L. oppositus BM76
         |--Myrmus H01
         |    |--M. glabellus Horváth 1901 H01
         |    |--M. longiventris H01
         |    `--M. miriformis H01
         `--Corizus H01
              |--C. crassicornis [incl. C. crassicornis var. abutilon] H01
              |--C. maculatus H01
              |--C. parumpunctatus H01
              `--C. subrufus [incl. C. capitatus] H01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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