Neides tipularia, copyright Roger Key.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.
Contains: Alydidae, Coreidae.

The Coreoidea are a group of plant-feeding bugs, most species of which possess ocelli and a series of longitudinal accessory veins in the forewing membrane (Carver et al. 1991). Members of this group include the Berytidae, stilt bugs, extremely slender and long-legged bugs characterised by short and spindle-shaped apical segments on the antennae. The Colobathristidae are also slender and long-legged (albeit not as remarkably so as the Berytidae) with narrow wings that have the venation on the membrane reduced or absent. The Piesmatidae are small bugs with a reduced membrane on the hemelytra, with the pronotum and corium being densely punctate. The Hyocephalidae are a group of seed-eating bugs endemic to Australia characterised by the presence of ovoid, pore-bearing plates ventrolaterally at the base of the abdomen (Carver et al. 1991).

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Macropterous or brachypterous; brachypters with antennifers inserted dorsolaterally; ocelli present; membrane of hemelytron in macropters with at least 6 and usually many more longitudinal veins; S6 with 3 or fewer trichobothria on each side.

<==Coreoidea SP02
    |--+--Coreidae G75
    |  `--Hyocephalidae G75
    |       |--Hyocephalus aprugnus G76
    |       `--Maevius indecorus CGW91
    |--Piesmatidae [Piesmatoidea, Piesmidae] SP02
    |    |--Mcateella interioris CGW91, G75
    |    |--Miespa CGW91
    |    `--Piesma CGW91
    |         |--P. capitata H01
    |         `--P. quadratum RD77
    |--Colobathristidae SP02
    |    |--Dayakiellinae SP02
    |    `--Phaenacantha [Colobathristinae] CGW91
    |         |--P. australiae CGW91
    |         |--P. pacifica Horváth 1904 K08
    |         `--P. saccharicida RD77
    `--Berytidae [Berytinae, Neididae] SP02
         |--Berytus clavipes H01
         |--Xenoloma Harris 1943 H96
         |--Phaconotus Harris 1943 H96
         |--Protacanthus Uhler 1893 D01
         |    `--P. halei CGW91
         |--Diabolonotus Henry 1996 H96
         |    `--*D. pilosus Henry 1996 H96
         |--Oedalocanthus Henry 1996 H96
         |    `--*O. ornatus Henry 1996 H96
         |--Metacanthus Costa 1848 D01
         |    |--M. decorus (Uhler 1893) [=Protacanthus decorus; incl. M. capitatus Uhler 1894] D01
         |    `--M. pluto CGW91
         `--Neides CGW91
              |--N. clavipes [=Gerris clavipes] L02
              |--N. maiponga G75
              |--N. propinquus Horváth 1901 H01
              `--N. tipularia G20 [=Gerris tipularius L02]

Coreoidea incertae sedis:
  Pachycoridium RJ93 [Hypocimicidae, Pachymeridiidae SP02, Psychrocoridae, Sisyrocoridae]
    `--P. letum Popov 1986 RJ93
  Idiostolidae [Idiostoloidea] SP02
    |--Idiostolus SS02
    |--Monteithocoris hirsutus CGW91
    `--Trisecus pictus WEE70
  Heterogastridae [Heterogastrinae] SE03
    |--Dinomachus MC13
    |--Woodwardothignus gracilis CGW91
    `--Heterogaster Schilling 1829 SE03
         `--H. urticae (Fabricius 1775) SE03
  Alydidae SP02
  Stenocephalidae CGW91
    |--Dicranocephalus CGW91
    `--Stenocephalus RD77
  Rhopalidae CGW91
    |--Liorhyssus hyalinus CGW91
    |--Rhopalus RD77
    |--Chorosoma macilentum RD77, H01
    |--Myrmus RD77
    |    |--M. glabellus Horváth 1901 H01
    |    |--M. longiventris H01
    |    `--M. miriformis H01
    `--Leptocoris [Serinethinae] CGW91
         |--L. augur K08
         |--L. insularis Kirkaldy 1908 K08
         |--L. mitellatus CGW91
         `--L. rufomarginatus CGW91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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