Black flat bug Aradus niger, copyright Sam Houston.

Belongs within: Panheteroptera.

The Aradoidea are a group of flattened bugs, many species of which are found on or under bark of dead or dying trees (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). When wings are present, the sides of the abdomen extend outside the margins of the wings at rest. Most living species are included in the family Aradidae with the exception of the Termitaphididae, a circumtropical group of blind, wingless species that live in termite nests (Carver et al. 1991).

Synapomorphies (from Shcherbakov & Popov 2002): Body strongly flattened dorsoventrally; extremely long stylets coiled within head; abdominal trichobothria absent.

    |--Kobdocoris RJ93 [Kobdocoridae SP02]
    |    `--K. aradinus Popov 1986 RJ93
    |--Termitaradus [Termitaphididae] GE05
    |    `--T. australiensis CGW91
    `--Aradidae GE05
         |  i. s.: Clavaptera ornata Kirman 1985 L02
         |         Leuraptera yakasi Heiss 1990 L02
         |         Neocarventus uncus Kirman 1989 L02
         |         Archearadus burmensis GE05
         |         Odonia Bergroth 1889 B89
         |           `--*O. truncata [=Aradus truncatus] B89
         |         Artabanus B89
         |           |--A. atkinsoni Bergroth 1889 B89
         |           |--A. breviscutum Bergroth 1889 B89
         |           `--A. geniculatus B89
         |         Brachyrrhynchus B89
         |           |--B. feanus Bergroth 1889 B89
         |           |--B. membranaceus [incl. B. albipennis, B. orientalis] B89
         |           |--B. montanus Bergroth 1889 B89
         |           |--B. scabrosus B89
         |           |--B. setosus B89
         |           |--B. tagalicus Stål 1870 B89
         |           `--B. triangulus Bergroth 1889 B89
         |         Llaimacoris WEE74
         |         Emydocoris Usinger 1944 D56
         |           |--E. montanus Drake 1956 D56
         |           `--E. testidinatus D56
         |         Reeceicus Drake 1956 D56
         |           `--*R. saileri Drake 1956 D56
         |         Glyptocoris verus Drake 1956 D56
         |         Aglaocoris D56
         |           |--A. cubanus Drake 1956 D56
         |           |--A. comes Drake 1956 D56
         |           `--A. natalii D56
         |         Asterocoris (Peggicoris Drake 1956) D56
         |           `--A. (*P.) zeteki Drake 1956 D56
         |--Prosympiestus [Prosympiestinae] CGW91
         |--Isodermus [Isoderminae] CGW91
         |    `--I. planus CGW91
         |--Chinamyersiinae CGW91
         |    |--Kumaressa scutellata CGW91
         |    `--Tretocoris CGW91
         |--Calisius L02 [Calisiinae CGW91]
         |    |--C. interveniens K08
         |    |--C. pacificus Kirkaldy 1908 K08
         |    `--C. zealandicus Pendergrast 1968 L02
         |--Carventinae CGW91
         |    |--Carventus CGW91
         |    |--Glyptoaptera CGW91
         |    |--Probatoceps CGW91
         |    `--Acaraptera waipouensis Heiss 1990 CGW91, L02
         |--Aneurus L02 [Aneurinae CGW91]
         |    |  i. s.: A. prominens Pendergrast 1965 L02
         |    `--A. (Aneurodellus) L02
         |         |--A. (A.) brevipennis Heiss 1998 L02
         |         |--A. (A.) maoricus Heiss 1998 L02
         |         `--A. (A.) zealandensis Heiss 1998 L02
         |--Aradus TKM93 [Aradinae CGW91]
         |    |  i. s.: A. abnormis Bergroth 1889 B89
         |    |         A. betulae G20
         |    |         A. candidatus Bergroth 1889 B89
         |    |         A. flavicornis B89
         |    |         A. frigidus Kiritshenko 1913 TKM93
         |    |         A. lugubris Boisduval 1835 B35
         |    |         A. nicholasi Popov 1989 RJ93
         |    |         A. varius B49
         |    `--A. (Quilnus) H01
         |         |--A. (Q.) brevirostris Horváth 1901 H01
         |         `--A. (Q.) niger H01
         `--Mezirinae [Dysodiinae] CGW91
              |--Neuroctenus par Bergr. 1887 CGW91, B89
              |--Aspisocoris termitophilus CGW91
              |--Chiastoplonia CGW91
              |--Glochocoris CGW91
              |--Clavicornia CGW91
              |--Drakiessa CGW91
              |--Chelanoderus CGW91
              |--Caecicoris CGW91
              |--Usingerida CGW91
              `--Mezira D-VTM96
                   |--M. froeschneri Davidová-Vilímová, Taylor & McPherson 1996 D-VTM96
                   |--M. granulata D-VTM96
                   |--M. novella D-VTM96
                   |--M. sayi Kormilev 1982 D-VTM96
                   |--M. smithi Kormilev 1982 D-VTM96
                   `--M. thoracoceras [=Brachyrrhynhus thoracoceras] K08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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